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Best Western Lex Hotel

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by , 06-17-2015 at 08:16 AM (1810 Views)
We decided to kick back, relax and stay one night at Best Western Lex Hotel. We booked through Expedia online as we always do when travelling, really won't talk about the price since that is objective. A one night stay grants you unlimited use of the facilities like the roof deck swimming pool and the gym located juz besides the pool. It also gives you a complimentary breakfast (buffet), well get to the details on those things later on. Let's talk bout the place first.

I'm kinda torn bout the location actually, it might seem good to the foreigners since it is accessible to most major places that they need to go to (Ayala, downtown, uptown, Osmena Blvd, etc...), I don't find it to my liking since there's no good view and looks very hectic once you step out of the hotel, but that's juz me. The hotel is actually clean though small once you get the hang of it, service in the lobby is good, or average. Once we were given the key cards, we went straight to the hotel room, the room was kinda small but clean and the bed was okay, big and not too soft, the AC though is kinda slow to work. Requested room service for the heck of it, and it was fast, so no complaints there.

One of the main reasons why we planned to check in was to go swimming, so after 15 mins of checking the room, we went directly to the roof deck to take a dip in the pool. Now, before I go to that part, I'm gonna give now the part where I'm most pissed off about the hotel... the elevator. The elevators are small, but that's okay with me and it was fast, so that's good. What I'm mostly pissed off about is how to operate it, granted, like any other hotels, you need the key card to operate it, but unlike any other hotels, this one requires you to slide it in for every time you need to press the floor buttons. Most elevators only require you to slide to open or start it, not do it for every frickin time you need to do something. Now that that's out of the way, well go to the pool then. Pool depth is juz 4 feet, which is good in my opinion, not too deep and not too shallow (which is important since I have my baby girl with me.), though its really not that big, more like a badminton court size or something. Its clean, not really crystal clear but still... clear. Not open 24 hours though, only from 6am till 10pm. The view is great from where you'll be swimming since it gives you a 360 degrees view of Cebu (maybe not full 360 but you get the idea.). Food served in the roof deck is okay, albight a bit expensive (160 something for a juice drink), but the food tastes good.

The main part I was actually looking forward to is the breakfast, I wasn't sure when they said free breakfast included if its a buffet or juz room service so I double checked and my heart jumped up and down when informed it was a buffet. If I was to rate the overall buffet experience, I'd say a 3.5 out of 5. Since it was breakfast, the only thing that glued to my mind is BACON! And lo and behold, there it was, unlimited bacon. It was a bit of a disappointment though, the bacon did taste good but not what I was actually expecting. Its not that crispy and the taste is not satisfying, it tastes good, juz not satisfying. What stood out there was the pork with tomato sauce (like menudo or something, forgot the name), the dish is absolute heaven. The reason why is the meat so friggin tender, its like you don't need to chew it, juz press it between the tongue and the roof of your mouth and it melts, simply delicious and amazing. They also have breakfast cereals and milk to go along with it, my all time favorite and also my baby girls' all time favorite... boiled egg, porridge, pancakes, salami, cheese, cakes, bulad, tapa, sausage and lotsa other breakfast stuff. We also invited a friend of ours to come swim, of course his not included in our itinerary so he needed to pay for his use. We found out that for a day use in the pool, it's 350php. We also asked how much it would cost for the morning buffet, I forgot the exact amount but I believed they said 320 something.

My experience with Best Western Lex is good, but not to the point that its very memorable, there are other hotels in which I would highly recommend more. Ill rate the hotel a 3 out of 5.


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  2. IneedAhotel's Avatar
    Bestwestern hotel chain rooms are really not that big. Price wise they-re competitive depending on the season. i agree on the buffet-maybe they need a better, more passionate chef. I'd be happy if they have lechon belly for breakfast. Pool is great but hate to hear about the elevator experience. For me still a better alternative than luxury expensive hotels in cebu.
  3. dodong69's Avatar
    ka reklamador pud nimo hehe be happy and contented kay daghan tawu ang wala maka experience intawon sa imong na sulayan nga ka hayahay! be thankful of what you have.
  4. necrotic freak's Avatar
    Mag expect man kag nice nga mao ra may gikaya sa imong budget! Nag 5 star na lang unta ka! Lelz! :P
  5. lstorya's Avatar
    Some people juz have no idea what a blog and a review is...


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