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What is the Effect of Inflation?

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by , 06-25-2018 at 09:39 AM (934 Views)
This is a Php 2,199.00 grocery. (See picture below)

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Few years from now, the same budget can afford only 1 bag.
This is called INFLATION. It's the rate of increase in the prices of commodities. It causes the value of money to decrease over time.

If inflation rate is 6% per year (average), this is the possible effect:

your bank savings loses value
your cash in your safety cabinets loses value
your income loses value
college tuition fee may double in 12 years
medical cost may double in 12 years
government pension may not be enough
overhead cost can eat up your profit (business)

We can't control the prices of commodities, but we can control how we manage our income, how much goes to savings and where to invest our hard-earned money.

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  1. oldwolf's Avatar
    This is also a good article and it is very interesting.
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  2. mattyanderson's Avatar
    good article
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  3. lorenzoleo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by oldwolf
    This is also a good article and it is very interesting.
    Thanks for this great review! Kindly subscribe to get a free partial E-Book copy of this book. Then confirm your email to get the link of this book. Thanks
  4. lorenzoleo's Avatar
    I have a hard copy of this book. Let me know who wants to order. Thanks.
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    If prices are constantly rising, it means that inflation is in the country. Inflation is a steady increase in the general price level of goods and services. At the same time, some goods may noticeably rise in price, others may become cheaper, and still others may not change in price at all. How do you think it affects trading? Will the price of stocks, cryptocurrencies, gold, etc. change? I would like to know your opinion. I know the opinion of professionals


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