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How do i forget thee?

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by , 09-09-2017 at 01:38 AM (881 Views)
since I can't sleep and Ed Sheeran's song is urging me to write about how messed up this is.

so how do I forget thee?
when you still make my heart flutter everytime u call me with that special nickname,
when u say things that make me hope?

everyday I talk to myself and say that im stronger than my attraction to you. and everyday I fail. because every-f*ckin-time u make me fall harder.

so how do I forget thee?
when everytime I'm alone I think about you?
when I sing songs, I sing them for you
when I stumble into something interesting, I'd think about how you'd like it too.

talking to you is a constant struggle since I'm trying to be this friend that u want but then wanting u to know that what you're doing is hurting me badly.

As what Ed Sheeran said on one of his songs,
"I've been known to give my all, sitting back and looking at the mess that I've made"
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