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by , 01-26-2015 at 07:11 PM (1113 Views)
Nobody said jealousy was pretty.
It is downright disgusting.

Saw u yesterday.
eyes shining brightly, smiling so radiantly.
it made me think of cakes, halo2x, long walks on the beach ----- things that i know you love.

and then i saw her with you.
my steps faltered, my thoughts dimmed.
you saw me, and yelled out my name.

the corners of my mouth tremble as i attempted to smile at you.
only managed a feeble "hi".
realizing that faking happiness is completely out of the realm of reality, i let my frown win.

I walked away quickly, not wanting you to see how each seam of my fragile sanity is unraveling one excruciating thread at a time in rapid succession.

this isn't what i envisioned seeing you.
it was like literally stabbing my heart, shredding it to pieces.
Anybody couldn't take this pain away.


  1. handsoff241's Avatar
    Don't take that pain away, it will come back; later maybe sooner, or now; but pain still.
  2. Little_Mermaid88's Avatar
    but in time @handsoff241, that pain will just be a memory. im sure of that. what im not sure is for how long this pain will stay with me
  3. Flordelisa Utsukushii's Avatar
    time will helps u to understand..
    time will helps u to accept..
    time will makes u stronger..
    that pain will be the key to a better u..
  4. royaledream1's Avatar
    if you must feel the pain..go so be it,,,cry if you must..but then after ...move is too beautiful to be sad and too short to wallow in the pain...who day, ul be the happiest...:-) :-) :-) :-)


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