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White Lies

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by , 12-17-2014 at 09:34 PM (915 Views)
you ever had that experience wherein you learned that your best friend is keeping something from you?

well, it happened to me today.

i was not hurt when i learned her secret.
i was deeply hurt to know that she did not trust me enough to share that to me.

we have been friends for a long time and i've already proved that i could accept whatever she was.
it just wasn't easy to accept that i was being lied to.

it made me question how good of a friend was i to her for her to make the decision not to tell me.

the disappointment and sadness that im feeling right now is alien to me.
don't know what to do.
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  1. Franga's Avatar
    talk to her maybe you can win her back
  2. handsoff241's Avatar
    Unsa diay iyang gitago nimu Mermaid? Is too dirty for a white lie to share here?
  3. Little_Mermaid88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by handsoff241
    Unsa diay iyang gitago nimu Mermaid? Is too dirty for a white lie to share here?
    not dirty. it's a bit personal to share it here.
  4. handsoff241's Avatar
    Ah, okay; kasabot ra pud mi. It always pay if you give the benefit of the doubt. Basin pa diay mapahiluna mo ug balik.

    I wish for the best on that matter; for you.
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  5. putingaitom's Avatar
    we can't force everybody to be faithful.........
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  6. Xena Angel's Avatar
    hide and seek!!!! looking someone you don't know.. huhuhuhu


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