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  1. Ripples Effect!! (I just got well)

    by , 07-28-2009 at 04:00 AM
    That's what actually happened to me a few days ago. FEVER (\ˈfē-vər\ n. any of various diseases of which fever is a prominent symptom - has never been this 'hot'!!

    A lot of people these days are having fever...and unfortunately, i wasn't able to get away with it. I actually had last week.

    It was like hell for me. You know the feeling when your temperature is very high (mine was 38 - 39 C) and you're feeling chilly then you don't have the appetite ...
  2. New work!!!

    by , 03-27-2009 at 04:23 AM
    it's my second day at work. i wasn't able to update you guys about my new job. i'm a loan organizer for crying out loud. well, anyway, i'm enjoying it for the moment (i'm crossing fingers the joyness will last ).

    the people here are so accommodating. i can't say anything nega about them. they're very friendly and smart. i like the people i'm working with, as well as the environment and the ventilation (hehehe!!)

    most of all, i like the fact that i'm going to get paid ...
  3. The KILLER BEE fever

    by , 02-02-2009 at 11:41 AM
    I joined the Killer Bee family three weeks ago. It was actually fun and exciting to be a part of one of Cebu's finest and best fm stations.

    I have never expected to become a member of the family, since I was only a listener wayback before. It was actually a dream come true.

    Now, I'm with Kelly and Jordan every Thursday night for the TNT (The Thursday Night Talkback) at 9PM until 12MN.

    My friends and cousins love to listen to KB 92.3. They love Kelly and ...
  4. My ex-boyfriend married!

    by , 01-07-2009 at 12:08 PM
    I was at SM the other day. I was strolling and trying to look for a good charger for my iPod Nano (4th gen). I went into the iStore and tried to check on some gizmos and whatsits galore when a familiar face caught my attention.

    It was my ex, Francis. He smiled and approached me. I thought it wasn't him, but it really was. Nothing has changed since the last time I saw him 5 years ago. He asked a lot of whereabouts since we didn't communicate after we broke up...and so I told him I just ...
  5. The GAYness of everything

    by , 01-07-2009 at 11:56 AM
    A lot people have still not accepted me for who I am. I mean, what's the big deal? I'm gay and that's it! Should it really be an issue?

    What's getting into my nerves is the fact that, they still can't over it...but no matter what they do (or what they say), I'm still gonna be gay. This is me.

    I have never gotten into a discussion with people about me being a self-proclaimed gay, but then again..."action speaks louder than words".

    It's not about ...
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