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Hi Nikki Pee

School Paper Interview

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by , 11-28-2013 at 10:45 PM (611 Views)
I want to share my 1st school paper interview.

What is your business about?
I get confused whenever people ask me about what my business is because I delve in about any kinds. Whatever it takes to make money. But I'm focusing on designing and production of printed shirts.

So, what drives you to launch this kind of business?
It started off when I was still in high school. Basically, I am taking design and layout projects. Later on, clients started asking if I can print their designs (the one I made for them) on shirts. Thinking that I can make money out of it, I said yes without any hesitation. The demand established my business.

BTW, does your business holds any name?
Yes. But since it's freelance business (our so called "sideline"), it's not licensed. It's called Kinna! Designs and Prints. Its famous brand is Statement Shirts.

When did you started this business?
When I was still in 3rd year high school.

Was it hard for you to continue it in college?
No. It emerged over time so it didn't demand so much time to promote it. Most of my customers are the ones who approach me. In fact, I can estimate that around 80% were repeating orders.

How did your business helped you?
It helped me so much. Aside that I can partly pay my dues in school, the feeling of being capable of earning gave me self-esteem.

Will it be okay to know the range of your income?
Businessmen don't have fixed range of income. I'd rather not disclose it but just enough to sustain my daily needs, tuition fee, and a good cup of coffee.

What are the struggles you've encounter along the way?
I'm just human and sometimes overwhelmed by these figures. I've had financial and education issues. The former I need not elaborate but the latter got affected because I prioritized business meetings. It compromised my education.

How'd you cope with that struggles?
It was hard and honestly, I haven't really fully coped up yet because I'm still struggling. But I have a very supportive family who's untiringly motivating me.

Have you experience competition among students who delve in the same business as you do?
Yes, a few. But I didn't mind them. I just do my best to win more customers' trust.

Will you consider pursuing your business after graduation?
Yes. I am foreseeing my own establishment after graduation.

Lastly, Do you have any message to technologians who are planning to do business?
First, business is not about investment. You can start anything from nothing. I've gone a long way not needing money with my first projects.
Second, good business don't just come instantly after creative ideas and planning. It happens out of passion and motivation.
Third, never give up business just because it's almost dying. Innovation is the key to an exciting career.
Lastly, hardwork is always relative to prayer. Success awaits when you have these two.



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