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We love rain, or shine

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by , 07-05-2009 at 01:03 PM (1653 Views)
Riding car is something you’d love to do during rainy days, it’s free carwash! On the other hand, flying kites is something you’d love to carry out during sunny days.

But what if weather conditions suddenly change in an instant? What if you’d be caught up by unexpected climate change in the middle of something? Won’t you get mad and nutty? Particularly, what if sunny day swiftly becomes rainy?

Most of us hate that scenario of course, if not all. We set off to work or school in the morning with a vibrant sky; perceptibly we’ll be having a fine and desiccated day. Only to be jammed down in traffic by a hasty and unexpected rain on our way back home. We forget to bring umbrella or raincoat with us. Now that’s annoying and gives us murky day. Quick!, wrap up our cell phone with plastic because we’ll get wet from top to toe.

That’s inadequately awful. Either you’ve showered earlier in the morning or not. That’s a blessing, a commemoration of our baptism.

Last year 2000, we had this presentation of Sponsors by Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at Southwestern University, drill of cadets as army reserves. It was a fine day, as the staging were halfway, just as our beloved sponsors is about to march past in front of platoons, the rain pours down on us in surprise, like a bolt from the blue. That was the moment we should have been scolded by our unit leaders for not having coats, as we were trained to be geared up in case of emergency, but that’s not the case. That was a ceremony.

The rule would be to stand straight and chin up strong, not to move a single shudder and stay stalwart in an adverse condition. Standing erect so wet feels like wearing an all damp gloves, boats, hankies, pants, socks, type A’s, and caps. Newly snatched up and used right away from washing machine of the 80’s-no drier.

Though, it feels great and fulfilling to hear the crowd cheered up and wave in unison. The appreciation is so thunderous, as earsplitting as the reverberation of rain and drums.

And the most amazing thing that ever happened during the ceremony is that when the sponsors’ translucent flesh exhibited due to wet-thin attire that they’d worn, a see-through enchantment! They seemed to pass down in front of us like women in the beach, only in bras and panties!

As extraordinary as it was, it gave us something to remember for the rest of our lives. Fair day is a lucky thing. Rainy day is glory.

Heck, we love rain or shine. And we’ll take it in an unsurprised passion. We’ll settle to wet the dry, and dry whatever gets wet!

My newly written blog is dedicated to LadyLou B. , whom, technically speaking, has the best penmanship.

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