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"A Piece of my Heart by Kagami", More than just Crochet, it is for a cause.

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by , 02-16-2014 at 05:11 AM (1298 Views)
I recently made a page on facebook, and it’s not something for me.This is my way of raising funds for my “heart warrior” as his heart surgery might come anytime soon. And we needed funds, not only for the surgery, but for my son’s medicines, and needs.
Being a mom of a multiple anomaly baby, made me realised a lot of things. One thing is, I don’t belong to myself anymore. Everything isn’t about me anymore. I’m sure a lot of moms could say the same, even with their babies not having to go through a similar journey as my son does. But, being a mom to a multiple anomaly baby means, to give more than I could to my son. To push myself to the limit. To pull me up, and push me to a direction I refuse to go (because it’s so difficult, even to the thought of it). I guess being a mom, means to bring out something in you you thought was never there or could be there. If I would have been the same as before, and meeting myself in this kind of manner, I’d ask, “Who are you?” in mazement. I remember those days when even in small things, or small tasks, I’d whine and complain. My patience is as big as my pinky.I was lazy. I was longing for comfort. I was not wild, just that I was self-centered.

God surely knows how to teach us. Because HE leads us to journeys not often people would want to take. A journey less taken. When we are given this kind of situations, how do we usually react? “Why? Why me? Why does it have to happen to me of all people?”... So natural & human isn’t it?...
Bust as time passed, I realized a lot of things, and learned from it. Ironically, it is my son who became a medium in discovering all these things. God is so smart. He knows, I could not refuse my son. That I love him so much I would give what I could to him.

Just recently, I have picked up the yarn and crochet hook and got addicted to it. And now, I wanted to use this as a way for me to raise funds for my son, Bezalel. You can check our page

In every item I made, embed in it is a piece of my heart. And in every item being bought, is something for Bezalel's heart.


  1. crush_23's Avatar
    as a mom, i can feel the pain u have right now.
    God wont give u something u cant handle.
    just b strong and have faith...
  2. Kagami-chan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by crush_23
    as a mom, i can feel the pain u have right now.
    God wont give u something u cant handle.
    just b strong and have faith...
    Thank you. It's hard but, when we let God lead the way, and we learn to accept, things get much easier to handle than we thought. God is good. and He is Faithful. Everything is for a purpose, even the toughest road we need to cross ahead.


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