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  1. my reasons to fight...

    by , 03-19-2012 at 12:35 PM
    i didn't join this job to look good or to brag about what i do. its just perks that comes with my job. my personal reasons went south when i realized that i joined this job to protect and bring home the people i work with. and no matter who you are or what branch of military service you are in. bring you back from the battle fields of Iraq, Afghanistan or where ever you in the globe is my reason to fight.

    this is the words that i would always tell my guys... "I'm not afraid

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  2. U.S. Army Special Forces - Green Beret

    by , 07-21-2009 at 02:28 PM

    The mission of the Special Forces Group is to plan, prepare for, and when directed, deploy to conduct unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance and direct actions in support of U.S. national policy objectives within designated areas of responsibility. The units continually train to conduct unconventional warfare ...
  3. Delta Force...

    by , 07-21-2009 at 02:08 PM

    The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (SFOD-D) is one of two units in the United States Armed Forces assigned primarily to combat terrorism. The other is the Navy's 'Dev Group.' Delta members are experts at counterinsurgency, small unit tactics, and various infiltration techniques.

    Many of them come from Ranger battalions or Special Forces (Green Berets) groups. They ...
  4. my Vampire name...

    by , 04-17-2009 at 02:16 PM
    the Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
    "Hanzi Raven"
    Known in some parts of the world as:
    "Lion of The Highway Thieves"
    The Great Archives Record:
    Takes more than gold from the rich on the highway - takes blood too."

    Find your Vampire name. The Vampire Name Generator. Get Names for Vampires.
  5. Army Rangers Duties

    by , 04-17-2009 at 01:07 PM
    The foundation of Ranger operation is performing as a quick "shock troop" -- one capable of carrying out surprise strikes . But how they get to their strike zone, what they do there and what command is calling the shots varies widely by operation.

    Rangers are capable of carrying out quick, direct action raids with minimal troop numbers.
    Photo courtesy U.S. Army
    Rangers are capable ...
  6. Rangers Creed...

    by , 04-12-2009 at 04:58 PM
    Ranger Creed

    Ranger Creed
    The Ranger Creed is the standard by which all Army Rangers conduct themselves - period.

    Recognizing that I volunteered as a Ranger, fully knowing the hazards of my chosen profession, I will always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor, and high esprit de corps of the Rangers.*

    Acknowledging the fact that a Ranger is a more elite soldier who arrives at the cutting edge of battle by land, sea, or air, I accept the fact ...
  7. Hero...

    by , 04-11-2009 at 07:03 PM
    I am so high. I can hear heaven.
    I am so high. I can hear heaven.
    No heaven, no heaven dont hear me.

    And they say that a hero can save us.
    Im not gonna stand here and wait.
    I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles.
    Watch as they all fly away.

    Someone told me love will all save us.
    But how can that be, look what love gave us.
    A world full of killing, and blood-spilling
    That world never came.

    And they ...
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