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SMILE to inspire....

SMILE to inspire....

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by , 06-30-2011 at 12:53 AM (1286 Views)
"smile to blow all your worries away, smile for a better day", a simple line that came unto my mind that had driven me to write.

Well you see, It's a rain-filled evening here at our place and so i took my chances and start writing out. I'm not best at this but i guess it's worth a shot. Well, I have been writing stuffs since high school and this had been my latest attempt to check if i still have the wit to do this things.

At this present stage of my life there are a lot of things i want to do. I know that the world is a vast domain and im free to choose what i want to, well, I dont want to rush it all up I'm still 22. But for now I want to give a direction in my life, I mean, I want to find a good paying job to compensate after doing 5 years in college and passing the licensure exam. I also wana be independent to live on my own, explore new things that could somehow boost up that ego in me to prove to myself that i can be that man, the man who i want myself to be.

I am surely at the first step on facing the real world and I have been thinkin' out a lot. There had been hard falls that i had taken in life but with much persistence to survive i managed to get up. Life ain't easy it will always find a way to knock you down but I've learned that as long as we cling on to a certain twig on the tree of life called 'HOPE'we sure can make it through.

Though how ironic life may be it's just an exciting adventure if you ask me. I think for now one thing i really need is an inspiration, that very one that could help me find answers to all these I seek, i know I have God always with me and so as my family but i need somebody that could bring out the best in me.

Just like a line from a song of sting goes, 'I'm sendin' out an SOS to the world'. And so shall Ibe reaching out to seek and find that very one amidst the many and make her SMILE day-by-day INSPIRE me..



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