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  1. Cebu Underground Movement presents Beyond-A Midweek Session

    by , 03-12-2013 at 01:11 AM (Perceptions and Actions)
    Cebu Underground Movement is a project headlined by local DJ's with an aim to promote straightforward, non-commercial electronic dance music and it's sub-genres.

    We are a group of individuals, in all walks of life, with different perceptions, yet stand united in regards to electronic dance music.

    We would like to invite you to our weekly session called "Beyond-A Midweek Session", every Wednesday night at Dozo Izakaya, Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City. Doors open ...
  2. You Are In Love

    by , 02-05-2011 at 10:58 PM (Perceptions and Actions)
    When you are together with that special someone, you pretend to ignore that person.
    But when that special someone is not around, you might look around to find them.
    At that moment, you are in love.

    Although there is someone else who always makes you laugh,
    your eyes and attention might go only to that special someone.
    Then, you are in love.

    Although that special someone was supposed to have called you long back, to let you know ...
  3. La Pensamiento de la Vida

    by , 01-03-2011 at 01:33 PM (Perceptions and Actions)
    In our words we utter exceptional intonations
    In our minds we expand intellect beyond measure
    In our actions we iterate symbols of anonymity
    In our perceptions we foresaw the inevitable

    Nothing is ascertain to utter words
    For it needs time to rekindle our minds
    And our actions would lay waste to retribution
    Would our perceptions delude our entire sanity

    Decisions are steadfast and a prey for the foolhardy
    Philosophy ...
  4. Thoughts and Things

    by , 01-01-2011 at 09:28 PM (Perceptions and Actions)
    So many things in my mind, so little time for it to take it all away..
    Some things aren't meant to be ours forever, some aren't there to be revealed..
    Some can't comprehend it, while others underestimated it..
    Everything is uncertain..

    As we kept imagining ourselves the inevitable of tomorrow..
    It's nothing more than a fragment, a hallucination or sorrow..

    Thoughts and things as it would seem..
    It will only fall just an ordinary dream.. ...
  5. Broken..

    by , 12-31-2010 at 11:02 PM (Perceptions and Actions)
    I should have known..
    I should have listened to my instincts..
    But now it's too late to turn back..
    It is now a scar of what my heart can hold..
    Why am I doing this??

    I couldn't understand it..
    I somehow don't know what to do..
    I'm afraid that if I'll spit out the truth..
    It will ruin our relationship..

    I have to make fabrications to cover up the pain..
    But somehow I can no longer bear the burden of covering ...
  6. Painstakingly Solitary Work

    by , 08-05-2010 at 03:12 PM (Perceptions and Actions)
    This just happened recently, and this is just one of my most unforgettable experience..

    August 1, 2010

    It was a gloomy Sunday night and I arrived at the hospital around 9pm, just early enough to go on duty for 10-6 shift.

    By the time I entered the premises, a lot of patients stationed outside the ER, and most of those cases are Pediatrics. They haven't been accommodated yet due to the fact that there are many patients within the ER. I thought to myself ...
  7. Keeping Up the Pressure

    by , 05-25-2010 at 06:08 PM (Perceptions and Actions)
    It's an uncanny turn of events which would lead up to what I am right now..

    It's amazing how time flies so fast without knowing that the things you are doing would seem so little..

    It's such a wonder that amidst the difficulties in life there are at least some things that are meant for the simplest beings..

    Now that we are unraveling time as it would seem, the future holds some extraordinary doubts, speculations, intrigues, and even, pleasures, fruitful outcomes ...
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