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Perceptions and Actions


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by , 05-25-2010 at 05:02 PM (1811 Views)
Do I have to keep myself updated in the world of healthcare?
Do I have to continue nurturing and expanding my skills?
Do I have to go on working like this? Unpaid?

It's been 3 weeks of painstakingly working as a healthcare provider in our government hospital. The catch is, I am good for a minimum of three months or six months maximum, depending on the situation given.

The benefit is that it is free of any charge, unlike any hospitals that offer the same but with such extent of surcharging a huge amount of expense.

The downside is that, of course, volunteer means lending service free of charge, which means to say, there is no pay.

Since I started 3 weeks ago, I'm undergoing a process of adjusting my time for myself, my family, my friends, and my loved ones. Its hard at the very first 4 days, but after that it just went smoothly. The first two weeks was fine, not so much to worry about since I am on night shift. Few or no doctors, no superiors. But now, I'm on the morning shift. This time, however, no more dally-dally, sleepy-time, whatsoever.. everybody's gonna move without pausing. This is the time that all of the superiors are making rounds, and by that we are being imbued with the power of haste.

Our whole body is somewhat being pressurized by almost in all directions. I have no idea that the world of healthcare is as tiring as it would seem.

They say that mornings are just even better, but in this case, I'll make a very big exception.


  1. heisenberg69's Avatar
    nice lage na imo work..pwede mo volunter sad?
  2. histrionic0311's Avatar
    hehe pwede man, pro i tell you na kapoi kaau ang work namo... as in it can challenge your mind and body and taking it to the limit.
  3. Dorothea's Avatar
    Kapait pud aning volunteer oi. Kapoy pa kaayo imong lawas sa trabaho, free pa gyud imong serbisyo.
  4. histrionic0311's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dorothea
    Kapait pud aning volunteer oi. Kapoy pa kaayo imong lawas sa trabaho, free pa gyud imong serbisyo.
    well mao man gyud nang trend dire sa atoang nasud.. but at least it's a good start for me.. maybe napa koi new opportunities to come soon.


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