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Perceptions and Actions

uLtimAte teSt of my Life

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by , 08-26-2008 at 05:48 PM (2057 Views)
This blog of mine would signify me that the upcoming board exam is not just a test of knowledge, skill and attitiude, but it is a test for your future. I so-called it as an "Ultimate Test" for me.

It came into my mind recently on what are the things to do, the anticipation, the atmosphere, and the pressure that we will feel during the actual board examination.

I would feel the immense pressure building up unto me in each passing day of my life. As my friends and classmates have passed the recent board examination last June, now it is our turn to take the so-called "Ultimate Test" of my life. And as I looked back onto my previous experiences as a student. I traced back all the things that inspired me the most and had motivated myself to what I am today.

The clock is ticking in every second and here I am, feeling doubtful to myself, and the pressure that is emanating from within us. I'd just can't explain the reason of being under immense pressure and in every possible way, I haven't realized it sooner. The confidence within me is not encouraging me to fight the kind of battle I am facing. But all is in the hands of the Almighty.

And here I am, focusing myself to the lessons taken up by our colleagues, reviewing all of the stocked-up knowledge that they have imparted to all of us. They were an inspiration to my success as becoming a successful nurse. And of course it is not only our clinical instructors have given us such intellect, and they were the only ones that I have through the 21 years of my life, my ever-loving parents and siblings of mine. It is no wonder that their passive perceptions towards me would even turn the tides in my favor. Also to my barakdas who have mended me with their great respect and dignity of my existence. And I would not forget the Creator who would shower us with His greatness and His never-ending guidance.

This is my life as a reviewee, for the upcoming Board Examination this November..
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Me, Myself, and I


  1. -CL-'s Avatar
    ..ana jud na ang life reviewie silingan.. live for the moment,, coz all of it.. will be part of ur memories soon.. good luck!
  2. reginakrys's Avatar
    gudluck sa upcoming boards!!!
  3. histrionic0311's Avatar
    @regina: ayaw pud nang gud luck.. God bless lang.. hehe


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