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I'd Go Hungry, I'd Go Black and Blue

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by , 03-30-2014 at 06:54 PM (5053 Views)
[I]I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue,[/I] a line I quoted from the song "Make You Feel My Love", which was originally sung by Bob Dylan then covered by many. Adele even made one. Oh, it's so crazy how her version reduced me to tears. I believe Bob wrote this song for a lover. The song lyric is so beautiful that I could just listen to it the whole day (I am always this way when I become head-over-heels in love with a song). Listening to this moved me so much that I am dedicating this to Zion and Ziggy. Most of the lyrics are so fitting to what a mother will do to rear and bring happiness to her sons. Even planning to make a cover of this song (wishful thinking). :)

After an afternoon siesta and listening to "Make You Feel My Love" for the nth time, this inspired me to write something for my Super Z's.

Here ya go, baby loves.

Zi, Zig... It's huh-mazing how you guys grow up so fast! I'm having a hard time carrying both of you in my too fluffy arms. LOL You will outgrow your mom sooner than I want you to be. Haha! All the antics and ruckus you are making around the house, whew! It's super insane. But no matter how you grow up, you will always be adorable and my super babies. We can always sleep together and hug each other like there's no tomorrow. Tickle each other 'til we ran out of breaths. You can always ride on my legs and fly like Superman. Jump on my stomach 'til I will cry "Stop!"

I'm happy seeing you grow as happy kids, but this also scares me. It scares me because time is becoming like a flick of my hair -- it's happening so fast. You will soon be out in the open, exploring the world and meeting some smooth and not-so-smooth roads. (No love life just yet, please.) I will not be there to pick you up when you go stumbling down a hump or give you a warm hug when you are feeling blue. I could just say a whisper to the breeze so you can hear my tender words of comfort.

My baby loves, I know we don't have everything in life. We are going through a lot, but know that "there is nothing that I wouldn't do to make you feel my love." I will do everything to not make you feel incomplete. I know we're not like the normal family, but this does not mean that this makes us less of a family.

I am no perfect mommy. I have my own share of ups and downs. And I am truly sorry for the weaknesses, but I will brave a strong spirit so that you guys will learn that no amount of struggles and fears can tear you down. I will be in constant battle with myself to be the best, if not the perfect mother to you, guys. I'd go hungry to feed and nourish you. I'd go black and blue to fight for your rights. I'd go crawling down the avenue to help you prepare for the big battle called life.

Stay happy. Even when you grow up, be happy like a kid. Enjoy life. Learn life. Live life. But most of all, teach yourselves to be humble. Always pray. To pray is a sign of humility. Do not be afraid of mistakes. This will be your best weapon in the battle.

Be the person you want to be. Your mommy will always be here to support and guide you.

I will love you not just in this lifetime, but for a million, million years.


Babies -- you will remain to me. I love you.
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  1. sevmik's Avatar
    great start from a great mom
  2. hanzheyteta's Avatar
    [QUOTE=sevmik;bt5886]great start from a great mom :thumbsup:[/QUOTE]

    hahaha salamat idol! just tell me what i need to improve. e.honor rajud nako na imong mga saway kay idol bya taka. lol ayaw lang laslas ha :D
  3. marius's Avatar
    very nice. na inspire ug song then nag write ug something para sa mga anak.
    hanzheyteta likes this.
  4. hanzheyteta's Avatar
    [QUOTE=marius;bt5977]very nice. na inspire ug song then nag write ug something para sa mga anak.[/QUOTE]

    hehe ikaw nya pud sir. write something for your kids. :D
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