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When Living is Falling

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by , 02-14-2015 at 12:17 PM (1085 Views)

Because you have to let go, and maybe beseeched to move on; maybe comply, slowly; a step at a time.

Let me be blunt: I, sincere and honest and truest; as what you might perceive I can and these words be, to you; wish only and have only good will and love.

Yes, it will remain a love. A monument of our shared years. Kay ako man pud natugkad nga wala may kapadulngan akong kinabuhi. Wala ko'y pulido nga plano para nimu ug para nato. Mura man ko'g PUJ nga walay prankisa.

I will live fully, as tribute to these monument. Pero akoa nang-nasilsil; sa makapila, makadaghan, balik-balik nga dala alam-alam sa kaugalingon, nga wala na ta. And that the best way to walk out of these, still alive; thought harmed and exhausted, is to chose life.

For I might come upon another chance to rebuild these monument or; by chance, stumble upon another contract; then so be it. But since living is falling farther away I will keep this monument, alive and well groomed. Kay akong gugma nimu, may kamatayun jud tingale; sa madugay o sa madali, pero mamatay man jud ning gugmaha, ayaw lang ako'y mauna. And when that day comes; I will pray that we meet and we start all over again.

For now, I will live; I know you too. And while we live, we fall.
A promise I will keep.
And a question I have to ask.
What remains of our love?
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