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But, Sa Gihapon.

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by , 12-31-2014 at 04:12 AM (1134 Views)
Gimingaw gihapon ko nimu and I am comfortably numb, numb'er by day. Bidding farewell to sobriety and pushing aside the sanity that onced thrived on that beloved; Us.

But, I still miss you and I still cry; after a deep sleep earned through days of laboring, unsettlingly-go-lucky; sleep-deprived days.

But, I still think about you and if you are happy with whomever and whatever and whenever you maybe. I really miss you.

But, that was a goodbye I had to hold on to.

I don't know if you can read this, the web is too wide, now that I stopped monitoring it. It may take me years to be familiar with it again.

But that feat i'll forgo, for the comfort I achieve maybe the end of what was once an Us, a Me; a Pigpig. I really wish I can turn back those days.

But wished I did and in vain they were, wished and washed away by the tears, of whom; I'm not sure if it's a fighting soul or a faltering lovers' cry. Kay, gimingaw jud kaayo gihapon ko nimu, Lalab Pigpig.


  1. lancelot's Avatar
    That's awful I can relate to that . so sad it happened to a lot of ppl
  2. handsoff241's Avatar
    cge lang hapit na mahuman boss
  3. jovidad's Avatar
    have a life.. theres always a reason why it ddn't work out.. look into the bright side.. you'll soon be over it..
  4. handsoff241's Avatar
    hapit na jud boss.. gamay na lang kuwang. heheheh
  5. putingaitom's Avatar
    don't hold u can move is beautiful us they say..........
  6. handsoff241's Avatar
    mao lage boss, pero hinay2 ko ug buhi kay mag-withdrawal syndrome nya kung kaliton.
  7. re_con's Avatar
    just take it slow lang mr. handsoff241. in due time makalimot raka. have a life, keep yourself busy with other things.

    relate much man pud ko. this is sooooo me, way back 2 years ago.
    Updated 01-17-2015 at 01:13 PM by re_con
  8. handsoff241's Avatar
    hahaha mao ba boss. mao na akong plano karon. I was finally able to snap out of it. gamay na lang jud

    jam nya ta puhon; survivors. heheh
  9. Little_Mermaid88's Avatar
    now that i know who you are, makes me feel sad that you feel this way. hoy, panawag ha. duol raman ta diay kaayo ko nimo. storya nya ta
  10. handsoff241's Avatar
    manuktok ra ko ug kalit unya hahahah
  11. handsoff241's Avatar
    pero wala ko katoud manawag ra tingale ko pero manuktok jud ang original nga plano
  12. Little_Mermaid88's Avatar
    pangutan-a c gege ug malou, katultol man to sa amo.
    dali ra nah
  13. handsoff241's Avatar
    wrapping up, life and everything from my pov; i'll be sorry and it'll be painful still; but at least the next station is visible from the horizon.
  14. cobaltpurple's Avatar
    I can relate
  15. handsoff241's Avatar
    hay kasakit pamalandungon nga dili lang kay ako ra ang nahiagom aning trahedya sa kasing-kasing. makapukan sa imung pagkatawo.

    @cobaltblue; ako boss, nagsugod nako ug panghipos sa herimenta sa akong kinabuhi, hinay2 na ko ug panira. Humana ang show, pero padayun gihapon ang life.

    Ikaw imuha, memory na lang ni o kasinati pa gihapon?


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