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Farewell, 2016.

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by , 01-02-2017 at 06:35 AM (1053 Views)
Dear Ones -


Let's do this.

Let's say our goodbyes to 2016.

But let's think for a moment, really seriously, about HOW we're going to say our goodbyes to 2016.

The easiest and least thoughtful way to do it is by saying, "F*ck you, 2016!" — which I keep hearing people say...

And listen, I GET IT.

It's been a hell of a year. I won't review the major facts on a global level, because you already know the heartbreaks and the madness of 2016. You who we lost (and who we GOT.) I know a lot of you are feeling battered and anxious and undone and freaked out by this, and I HEAR YOU.

But I still can't say "F*ck you, 2016."

I can't. I can't hate on any of the years. I can't hate on the gift and complexity of life itself, of time itself. I just can't.

And for me, 2016 was a hard year not only nationally and globally, but also personally. But's the thing: They NEVER tell you what's coming. And even if you did see what was coming, you don't GET to dig a hole to hide in. Not while you're still lucky enough to be alive.

What is coming shall come, and — as long as you live — you will have the enormous privilege and challenge of trying to figure out how to respond to destiny.

Tomorrow, when you are gifted with a brand new year (and it IS a gift), nobody will sit you down and tell you what's going to happen in the next 12 months, and — as it unfolds — nobody will be able to tell you how to endure it, or how to enjoy it, or how to understand it.

That part will be up to you.

Life will keep unfolding; you must keep manufacturing your own response.

We are not 100% victims of destiny, nor are we 100% masters of our own fate. It is constant shifting of energy between these two forces... and you often must steer the horse of free will very carefully (but bravely) in order to keep it in responsive alignment with the more wild horse of destiny.

It's a hell of a ride, you guys. Sometimes it's terrifying. Sometimes one horse seems more powerful than the other. But it's still the greatest game on earth. And there are ALWAYS two horses under you....and there always will be, as long as you're still here.

You will ALWAYS have things that happen to you, that you did not choose.

You will ALWAYS have choices about how to respond.

The most masterful and brave riders of life end up looking like someone who is in charge — straddled courageously between two powerful forces (that which you can control, and that which you cannot control) — and just giving a big salute to the universe the whole time, like, "OK, y'all! Let's do this! Here we go!"


I know it's been a hard year for many of you.


But you are still here. I am still here. We are still in the ring. We still have choices. We still have power.

And that's incredible.

Also: frightening.

Also: sacred.

This is my wish for you all: That you find a way to stay brave and focused and strong and responsive atop BOTH your horses — both the uncontrollable one, and the controllable one.

Don't surrender into feelings of utter helplessness (if you are capable of reading this, you are not utterly helpless), but don't get cocky about feeling that you are all-powerful, either (the world will correct you of that delusion soon enough)...but instead find your position of respect and curiosity and courage about EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS.

So cock your hat, everyone. What's done is done. What's coming is coming. Brace yourself and relax (Yes! Brace yourself AND relax AT THE SAME TIME; it's an art form.) Make the best choices you can make in split-second intervals, make course corrections as you must, say goodbye to everything that is behind you, give a jaunty salute to all that's ahead of you, keep galloping through this messy life as fast as the wind, be grateful that you are still here...and then?


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