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3D Eyebrow Embroidery

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by , 06-23-2016 at 08:19 AM (1725 Views)
Today, our focus will be on a very important facial feature, but one that is mostly overlooked—eyebrows.

Eyes, they say, are the windows of the soul. But the eyebrows, say a lot also, if not more. They frame one’s face, convey emotions, and complete any look. You can have a great profile, flawless face, impeccable make-up, but if paired with eyebrows in a sorry state, you still end up looking a disaster.
While eyebrow styling continue to evolve, the need for well-groomed, well-shaped, and well-defined eyebrows remain.

So, before I share with you what 3D Eyebrow Embroidery is, let us first tackle what makes a good brow.

Arch. The arch really depends on how you prefer them to be. Ideally though, the inner most corner of the eyebrow should meet with your nose while the arch should be outside the edge of your iris. The end of the brow should be at a diagonal from your nostril to the outside edge of your eye.

Color. This should be consistent with your hair color. Sporting eyebrows which are of a totally different shade than your hair will just make you look odd, if not artificial.

Grooming. As a rule, your arches should be of the right thickness and should be appropriately shaped. Some people wear them too thin. It should be remembered that grooming does not necessarily mean getting them too thin that you run the risk of looking like you have no brows at all. Do not over-pluck. I cannot emphasize this enough. Eyebrows are there for a reason. Best to just keep them neatly-groomed.

The shape of the brows depend on the profile of your face, as shown below. However, it may be best to consult experts to better know which suits you.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to move on with the highlight of this post—3D Eyebrow Embroidery!

Say, what? Yes folks, you read that right! There is such a thing as eyebrow embroidery, and 3-dimensional at that!

It’s actually a procedure that has gained popularity mostly in Asian countries. Simply put, it is a new semi-permanent technology that gives the wearer natural-looking brows. It is also known as cosmetic tattooing or microblading, only that this time it is tri-dimensional.

So, how does the procedure go?

Basically, a semi-permanent pigment is pushed into the surface of the skin with a fine blade to mimic the growth of your already existing hair. And since it is semi-permanent, getting a trained professional to do it is really necessary. That is, if you want the job done right the first time.

The procedure begins by you deciding what shape is to be embroidered on you and which the artist goes to draw on your face. This will serve as guide for the actual embroidery. You also decide what color to go for. Then, a numbing cream is applied on the area and is allowed to set for at least thirty minutes. When the cream has effected, it is time for the artist to work his own magic. The parts of the eyebrow that previously looked empty can be filled so that a full look is accomplished. The process can last for thirty minutes to about an hour, depending on the technique used and how thick you want your arches to be.

Sounds painful? Not really, thanks to the numbing cream, which can be re-applied if pain is felt.

Since the procedure is only done on the epidermis, or outer layer of the skin, it is a relatively much safer procedure than tattooing. No tattoo gun, no ink, and no bleeding, but why would anyone in her (or his) right mind want to do this?

If you have been blessed with a good pair of eyebrows, you might seriously be asking this question. And that is perfectly understandable. But those who know, and who regularly go through the hassles of prepping their arches, 3D eyebrow embroidery might just be the answer to their prayers.

Traditionally, to get the perfect brows, you simply have to find a brow pencil that decently matches your hair color. Then, you proceed with drawing the brown on, specifically paying attention to the right shape, width, length, and thickness. You then move on to repeating the same procedure on the other brow, hoping that you draw an exact mirror of the first. And if, indeed, you have managed to do just that, you will have to replicate the same feat the following days. Or maybe, retouch a few times as you go through the day. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Yes. In fact, others have perfected this art. But it does not necessarily make it a task one is excited to spend time and resources on.

Now, there are those who have grown really comfortable with this, it is almost second nature to them. But, there are those who have been in the search of a quicker, nicer, and easier solution to having the perfect brows every single day, without having to worry they will wear off as the day progresses. In fact, 3D eyebrow embroidery seems revolutionary in the sense that it allows you to go do your yoga, play tennis and sweat, or even swim, without worrying about your eyebrows wearing off. Imagine the convenience and time you get to save just because you decide to have your eyebrows embroidered! Not to mention that boost of confidence.

Also, this procedure may benefit those who have over-plucked eyebrows, or those with gaps or scars where hair has not grown anymore. Those suffering from Alopecia or hair loss may also want to try this procedure.

If and when you decide it’s time to get semi-permanent natural-looking eyebrows, you may want to check on the following tips:

  1. Research. Know who are experts in this field and try to talk to them to see who you are most comfortable to work with. Confidence and trust in your artist will be important. Check their past works and if possible get feedback from their past clients. Shop around for rates too.
  2. Know the shape and color you want. You may also proceed to the clinic or shop with your eyebrows drawn the way you normally wear them so as to give the artist an idea of how you want them to look.
  3. Know the technique you want. Techniques vary. The newer the technique, the more stroke-based and natural they are, and of course, the more expensive they get.
  4. Consider your schedule. There is a downtime, albeit not too long, for healing. So consider your schedule and do not have major events following your procedure. Activities like swimming, diving, and those resulting in excessive sweating of face are discouraged. In fact, in the first week, you need to be really careful in washing your face as the brows should not come in contact with water (or sweat).
  5. Go for touch ups. Touch ups are done to redo areas where the dye or pigment did not properly adhere to. This needs healing time as well. Be ready to ask your chosen artist/shop if touch ups are included in their packages already or if these are priced separately.


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