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curse of consistency

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by , 07-27-2013 at 08:43 AM (1832 Views)
i have quite a number of stories to tell.
for example:
finding and fighting fire in your new-born eyes.
fierce in their lack of surprise.

there was the cost of pride and precious choice.
someone sifting through sand to find stars.
everyone oblivious to the obliging monsters circling up above
and creeping down below the bowels of this city.
an absence that poses as a cure for uncertainty.

someone was planting flames on windy ground.
the thunder and laughter with its newfound sound.
streets aflame and aflood.
half-hearts searing, whole hearts drowning.
demons prancing rampant before your very eyes.
defy the laws of fire and the skies.

there were dead lights, empty words, haunting smells,
and shivers that shake the bones of the blessed.
truth to hide lies. jealousies and its justifications;
a noxious fume to both friends and foes alike.
you, demon of unspeakable contradictions,
a palm of apathy, a finger of spite.

in a war of attrition, consistency emerges victorious.
my ten-letter spell could not contain the curse.

"Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit..." - Cicero

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  1. Dorothea's Avatar
    is there a companion guide to this post that breaks down the entry into layman's terms?
  2. Bigfoot Oracle's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dorothea
    is there a companion guide to this post that breaks down the entry into layman's terms?
    There is. Sums up to just one word.


  3. gareb's Avatar
    @Dorothea and @Bigfoot Oracle, i was lonely. i was talking to myself.


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