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by , 03-24-2012 at 03:49 AM (645 Views)
the beautiful have their own way of destroying those that love them, blinding them with its searing light.

it has been known to render the senses useless, cause an overwhelming sense of yearning, induce pain, create madness, destroy reason. power is gained and lost with a mere glance at beauty. time stops, and the vaunted laws of physics are warped at the approach of the divine.

let's just say that i have witnessed an episode of such last night. approaching midnight, a shining beacon of light appeared not far from where i was, a heavenly light whose dazzling charm i have suffered to resist for some time.

until now.

"hey, are you going home?" the touch of those words was electrifying. i felt reality gracefully violated by those words, by that smile.

"yeah." imbued with power that could only come from heaven, i answered back.

"hmm... can we go home together? i hate walking alone." i had to close my eyes to still the chaos caused by the laws of physics torn to pieces. "just wait for me a bit, will you? need to finish a few things."

to sit there with butterflies on a fit of rage was sweet suffering. it was simply impossible to wipe the smile off my face. and then it began.

it was a burning sensation that started on the tips of my fingers, creeping up my arms then down to my feet. and then i thought, 'fire'. my heart throbbed scenes from way past began to flash inside my head. i could not make out the images, nor remember what they were, but i know the feeling that was attached to each one of them.

i was burning. to even think of touching skin with divinity threatened to be the death of me. the heat did not come from them, but from inside me. it was a pain that needed a cold douse of reality; the very same reality that was violated with the presence of this entity of light.

no wonder there's a huge barrier between mere mortals and the divine.

"hey, i'm not yet done here. are you going home?" those half-hoping magnificent eyes boring through my layers, trying to see what was wrong.

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  1. Dorothea's Avatar
    fire = the girl on fire = the hunger games
  2. gareb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dorothea
    fire = the girl on fire = the hunger games
    a case of using present lenses to look at past stories.
  3. Dorothea's Avatar
    The Hunger Games ra akong ma comment kay honestly wala man gud ko kasabot sa imong story aning Icarus. Your stories should come with their own discussion guides for people with average IQ like me. LOL


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