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Love unknown

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by , 02-16-2017 at 03:57 PM (756 Views)
Down and bloody where one be
The calloused heart battered even be
Weighing between liberty and staying
The heart, mind and soul ever be

This canít be
I canít be
Denial? Acceptance?
Ensnared with choices and continuance

Slipping and slacking, bruised ego,
Oh, my bantering ego
For you are so low trampled with ever denial
Or are you too high atop the sky?

Lessons, oh lessons, what a way to teach ones ego
for loving is souring ones ego
What have we if for reasons unknown
Separation is unknown

Calming and dredging the floodgates of reason
For reason unknown
Love lost, love unknown
Love found, love unknown

On this very day found oneself wanting
The memories gallivanting
For reason unknown and love unknown
what is there to uncover and atone

Blunt be ones words
So too is the truth
For truth be told is unknown
Thus, love too is unknown.


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