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So much for my unhappy ending

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by , 05-18-2014 at 11:12 AM (1457 Views)
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-light thy fire
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  1. re_con's Avatar
    Love is lost and love lost again
    Will it be ever found

    " you may be able to find it again in the place and time you never expected it"
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  2. fast_shutter's Avatar
    kanta ni avril lavigne.. btw,... love comes in a mysterious ways, kanta na xa but tinood na...dili lang nimo damhon pila ka adlaw karon you will experience it..Dont be afraid ts...
  3. TheVirtualAssistant's Avatar
    Love comes and goes, what's important is we have loved. I'm 28 and Avril was the most famous during my teenage years! I loved her Sk8er Boi song so much. I think we all do. Who doesn't? Well I hope everyone loves FREE books too!

    This book is not about Avril Lavigne but this is all about LOVE and PASSION and I might as well grab the opportunity on sharing it on your page and I hope you don't mind. Check out our e-book in limited promotional period and download for FREE! Scarlett's Secret Lover Part I: Forbidden Love, Lust And Dangerous Passion (Erotic Romance) eBook: Prince Abraham Harun: Kindle Store
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