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Reply to doi to enlighten him on Jeremy Lin, NYK, Rockets in their Free Agency affair

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, 07-26-2012 at 01:53 AM (12286 Views)
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I had an argument with an iStoryan here with the handle name doi on Jeremy Lin's decision. He said he understood the betrayal the NYK felt by Lin signing with the Rockets.

Here's his posts ...

Quote Originally Posted by doi View Post
they didn't offer any cause they were just planning to match any offer that's in the table for Lin and they didn't expect him to sign any offer sheet.

They felt betrayed cause the 1st offer sheet Houston planned to sign Lin to a four-year, $28.8 million sheet — really three years and $19.5 million, since the Rockets would hold a team option for the fourth year — with the so-called "poison pill" coming in the third year, when the 23-year-old point guard would be due a $9.3 million payout but Lin went back to Houston and rework the deal w/c the is new offer sheet he signed the $25.1 million 3yrs with the "poison pill" in the 3rd year with $14.9 mill.

He was milking it and Good for him but i understand why the Knickerbuckers felt betrayed cause they were the only team who gave this kid a shot to play in the biggest stage in basketball when everybody was counting him out. If it wasn't for the Knicks there won't be any "Linsanity"
Quote Originally Posted by doi View Post
did you even bother to read this statement of course it's a business and he's CHINESE also but i'm saying the Knicks side, why they didn't offer any cause they were giving him freedom to test the market and see how it goes and why didn't they match the offer.

It was both good and bad for the Knicks so as with Lin.

Pros: wouldn't have to pay 40-50million to keep a single player in his 3rd who hasn't been tested/proven yet in a full season and no loyalty . You got two great point guards to go along with your Star Laden Roster and who wouldn't steal too much spotlight for the team and your 20mill Superstar who they'll need to perform in order to be a contender.

Cons: lost a potential star and revenue for the time being cause this is the Knicks we are talking about.

Pros: More moolah and spotlight

Cons: Playing for an average team than playing for one of the Biggest/Famous Teams Basketball where he got his stardom. Let's face it! if it wasn't in NY he wouldn't be a global phenomenon, playing for the Knicks has it's perks.

Jeremy Lin May Be The Dumbest Harvard Grad Ever - Forbes
After these posts , I told him to read the CBA rules and analyze the business strategy of parties involved before he post crazy statements ... and he replied ...

Quote Originally Posted by doi View Post
crazy cause it's true lol and cool story bro, tell it again.
First of all , I didn't post any "story" or whatsoever to defend Jeremy Lin other than telling him the NYK could've signed an extension and that's it . Now I got a day off , it's my pleasure to enlighten this kid and also to give facts to everyone on this Jeremy Lin's Free Agency affair . Also I feel like posting a blog .

Doi , I will "tell it again" . Here's my response to you :

Unless you have inside sources on the NYK organization , everything you claim are baseless and no substance . You even stated "they didn't offer any cause they were giving him freedom to test the market" . What the heck ! They don't have any right to put Lin inside the cage cuz he's a Free Agent .

How sure are you that he was "milking it" ? Dolan said that he'll MATCH ANY OFFER by other teams before Free Agency started -- making his bold intention to be public implying that he's ready to wage a bidding war for Lin . He knew he's going to lose Lin in Free Agency cuz his best offer will be only half an amount , if not quarter of money compared to what Lin will potentially receive in the market . When the Rockets presented their 2nd offer to Lin , and Dolan decided to fold his cards . Where was his intention of matching any offer to Lin now ? It was only a PR move for Dolan afterall to make Lin the bad guy -- pure unethical corporate tactic .

You should check your post before making it everyone read it . I don't even understand how you understood as to why the "Knickerbuckers felt betrayed" ? Is it because he signed an offer sheet from another team ? Just in case you don't know the business , as a Free Agent let alone being a RESTRICTED one , you have to solicit any offer by other teams in good faith . Because you're an RFA , your current team could basically offer and manipulate you to sign a minimum contract cuz you choose to shut down any offers from other teams and that you're putting yourself of getting ripped-off . The tactic to get a best offer as an RFA is to sign a good offer from another team and let your current team match it instead of not making your service available to other teams .

If you think you "understand why the Knickerbuckers felt betrayed" , then you should read this ...

"Honestly, I preferred New York," Lin said. "But my main goal in free agency was to go to a team that had plans for me and wanted me. I wanted to have fun playing basketball. ... Now I'm definitely relieved."

Jeremy Lin on leaving New York Knicks for Houston Rockets - NBA -
Although I agree to your statement that if it wasn't for the NYK there wouldn't be "Linsanity" . The first media headlines he got that he was living on his brother's couch and it was unheard of for someone playing in the NBA . Then when Amare was out for a family funeral , Melo got injured , Davis was gone and other PGs were under-performing and as a player who's living paycheque to paycheque at the time , he had to seized the opportunity to play his best and get a guaranteed contract at least for the remainder of the season .

Through his own hardwork , he finally get the attention he deserves as he carried the team without those "superstars" . Yes , he did it when he was with the NYK .

Was the Knicks really "gave Lin a shot" ? Sure , but let the facts be known here that they needed an extra PG because Davis and Shumpert was out and Douglas has no knowledge on D'Antoni's Run & Gun system . It's a common misconception from all casual fans and bandwagoners that only NYK believed on this guy's abilities when 2 teams thrown him under the bus . Fact: NYK claiming him off waivers was only for short-term . D'Antoni himself didn't even believe in him .

“He got lucky because we were playing so bad,’’ D’Antoni said. “You have to have luck in this league and he got a bunch of luck.’’

An ESPN report said the Knicks were considering waiving Lin had he not emerged this past week, because they had eyes for Amityville’s Mike James, playing for the Knicks’ D-League affiliate in Erie, Pa.
On Lin’s first day as a Knick after being claimed following Shumpert’s injury, D’Antoni gave no guarantee he would remain on the roster for the season.

If Davis returned as scheduled and stayed healthy, Knicks brass was not sold on Lin as a long-term prospect. They were concerned about his perimeter shot and defense. The Knicks could have made the same mistake as the Warriors did in cutting Lin after his rookie year and as the Rockets did by cutting him before this season’s opener.

League scouts said it is extremely rare a player will perform better in the NBA than D-League, but that’s what Lin has done.

The Knicks sent Lin down to Erie in January for two games to get some playing time. But their reason for the move was to keep Lin sharp upon his return to scrimmage against Davis in practice, not to play.

If Davis had not sustained an elbow infection and more back pain before the Knicks’ game against the Rockets on Jan. 28, the franchise’s history would be forever changed.

“He wouldn’t have gotten the chance probably,’’ D’Antoni said, referring to Lin. “I like to think if someone is true to his profession and works hard, he’ll get his chance, but I don’t’ think it always works out that way.’’

SOURCE: Jeremy Lin, who hit the winning free throw in the New York Knicks’ 100-98 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves nearly found himself out of the NBA -
That's the fact for you , this is not a story ... it's a fact .



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