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How does Raptors overpaying Landry Fields will get Steve Nash sign to them?

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, 07-04-2012 at 04:28 PM (11284 Views)

"All Warfare is based on deception."

~ Sun Tzu

Steve Nash is reportedly giving the NYK the time to make a Sign & Trade with Nash's original team, the Phoenix Suns. We could say that he's hinting that his preferred destination now is the New York Knicks. So the Raptors GM, Bryan Colangelo made a direct strike which he blocked NYK of the possibility on facilitating a S&T with the Phoenix Suns this morning by signing Landry Fields a Qualifying Offer worth $20 million.

A few days ago, the Houston Rockets offered Omer Asik worth $25 million over three years inorder the Chicago Bulls wouldn't match their offer. Why am I bringing up this Houston Rockets and Omer Asik deal on this blog? And Landry Fields? Ok, let me introduce to you the "Poison Pill" contract.

Also known as the "Gilbert Arenas Rule" is a salary structure by a team offered to a player (usually works well to a Restricted Free Agent) that would make it dificult for his original team or other team/s to match. They named it a Gilbert Arenas rule when Arenas himself became a Restricted Free Agent after playing with the Golden State Warriors (who picked Arenas in the 2nd round in 2001), the Washington Wizards came up with the salary structure that would make it difficult for the Warriors to match the offer - if they would've matched, they will go beyond the cap and will pay luxury tax. So the Warriors didn't match the Wizards' offer. In 2003, Gilbert Arenas signed a 6 years contract with the Washington Wizards worth $60 million.

If you think a team is overpaying a player, this could be the reason. Like the girl you really like, you might have to do whatever it takes to get her. In the NBA, you use the Poison Pill contract! The same goes in corporate business too (see: Shareholder rights plan).

When the Raptors knew the ONLY way the Knicks will get Nash is through S&T (Obviously, Fields will be part of the trade), Colangelo blocked it before the Knicks GM's secretary could click on Microsoft Word to type the trade proposal. The Knicks can ONLY sign Landry Fields to a 3-year contract (using MLE) strictly $3 mil/year. The Raptors however can sign like $3 mil in the first 2 years, and $14 mil in the 3rd year (see how the salary is structured?) -- if NYK would match this, they wouldn't be able to include him on any trades (for 3 months) since re-signing him is through signing the MLE, not using the S&T option. If the NYK would go the unexpected option by keeping him instead, they would go beyond the cap in 3 years which they will have about $71 mil on the cap from only 4 players. They don't wanna pay $2.50 for every dollar they exceeds assuming the cap remains at $60 mil. Also, it would be invalid signing Nash through MLE since that option was used on Landry Fields. If the Knicks trade Douglas, Shumpert, Balkman, Gadzuric, and even with Jeremy Lin (it would be bad idea if they trade him for a 38 year old PG), it would put Phoenix Suns in a difficult financial situation to get those players because they just signed Eric Gordon a QO worth $58 mil. As reported earlier the Hornets will match it, so Suns will sign another offer bigger than that so it will now be even more difficult of getting those players from the Knicks. So it's clear the Suns will not participate any blockbuster trades now unless they will give up on pursuing Eric Gordon.

Raptors signing a QO to Fields makes the Knicks GM scratch his head cuz he's now in a difficult situation on bringing Nash to the Knicks. S&T option for the Knicks is not available anymore. Now with Deron Williams just re-signed with Brooklyn Nets, the Dallas Mavericks could now be in the mix of pursuing Nash. This will now become a bidding game. By having multiple bidders, the price will go up. Whoever the team has a bigger cap space will win the player.

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