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Raptors meets with Kid Canada on Canada Day

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, 07-02-2012 at 04:02 AM (1671 Views)
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It's Canada Day today and I'm here right now at the secret HQ of Le Blog du FAQ in Muskoka, ON with family. Great weather. Peaceful environment. We don't have internet connection at my cottage so I'm sailing the boat to find an unsecured internet connection and to have a short quiet moment with myself. Today is about spending time with my family so I won't be online for long. Plus, I don't want to miss the BBQ!

I'm just checking the latest news of the Raptors regarding Nash. Coincidentally, July 1 is not only Canada Day, but it's the first day of Free Agency!

It seems that the Raptors has a huge chance of convincing Nash to come back home and end his wonderful career here. On the other hand, US journalists are trying to make their followers think the New York Knicks can sign anyone. The Raptors executives flew from LA to NY last night using MLSE boss Larry Tenenbaum's private jet (could be still the same jet that Vince Carter used to attend his college graduation) to be the first team to meet with Nash in the morning.

Here's Steve Nash's thoughts on the Raptors:
"The Raptors would be one of those teams where you're probably not going there to win a championship in the next three years. For me it'd be going home to Canada, to a great city, and trying to help an organization move forward."

SOURCE: Steve Nash examines options, says staying on Phoenix Suns no longer 'a home run' - ESPN
Multiple reports is that the Raptors are offering $36 mil for 3 years - which apparently is at the ballpark that Nash and his agent were actually aiming for. Also, part of luring Nash, they are also offering the Canadian citizen a "post-career opportunities" but the exact job position is still unknown at this time but I'm guessing is that Nash would probably get an assistant coaching or an office gig with the Raptors when his contract expires.

This would be a great move by the Raptors if they get Nash. A slight upgrade in the PG position would definately help Bargnani and Jonas Valanciunas. If Jose Calderon made Amir Johnson played like a beast last season, I'm sure Nash could do more for this young Power Forward.

There are also reports that the Raptors are interested on bringing Goran Dragic and/or Nic Batum so the Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo is attempting to have the "Run & Gun" Era of which he built during his time in Phoenix Suns.

I hope Steve Nash will finish his career here.

For now, I'm out. I'll probably post a new blog when I get back to the big city. BTW, here's the view of the place where I am right now...

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  1. jba777's Avatar
    There will be no better place for Nash to play his last games but to his hometown alone...
    though i wish to see him wearing dallas uniform again but I will be more happy to see him playing in his hometown...


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