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NBA Draft Talk; Q&A with pierced

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, 06-30-2012 at 03:56 PM (1632 Views)
I was hoping to talk to my friend who works for the Raptors to ask for his insights regarding the outcome of the draft. He was at the Raptors War Room and witnessed Terrence Ross, Quincy Acy, and Tomislav Zubcic became members of the Raptors team. But due to the fact I'm the only Raptors fan here, it looks like no one would take interest on reading it. So I decided to talk to pierced, who's an undisputed Boston Celtics fan, and one of the most respected posters here in the Basketball section.

For now, he agreed to share his thoughts on this year's draft regarding his favourite team. For those who weren't aware, the Boston Celtics got #21, #22, and #51 which they drafted Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo, and Kris Joseph respectively.

When the Boston Celtics was on the clock, who was your desired players for the #21, #22 selection? Were you kind of surprised that Jarred Sullinger was picked by Danny Ainge, let alone still available in the late 1st round? Were you satisfied with the players being selected in the first round ?

I had 4 picks actually, ‘twas either (in order) Royce White, Andrew Nicholson, Jared Sullinger, or Perry Jones.. Basically these players addressed the need for the team.. I didn’t want any part of Fab Melo since he’s got a low Bball IQ and was very raw.. I thought DA would’ve traded up to get Royce White who I thought would’ve helped the Celtics Big + the fact that I love complete players and Royce was a walking triple double.. He would’ve been able to help the Celtics right away. Andrew Nicholson would’ve been a very good project for the team.. He was very long and athletic and he’s a more polished offensive player compared to Fab Melo however Fab was a defensive big but was more raw than Nicholson offensively.. I’d take a more polished offensive big since defense will just come along specially being in a very good defensive team like the Boston Celtics. Jared Sullinger I thought was the most polished offensive player of the players I picked for the team however what backed me off wasn’t his medical issues but he reminded me of Glen Davis, very low gravity player and who’s shot was almost always blocked down low and Perry Jones well, I like athletic bigs..

Im really don’t look at who the teams are drafting since I only check the Boston Celtics.. But I strongly believe that the draft was rigged and that would be another story in another day
What do you think of Jarred Sullinger and Fab Melo?

When the Celtics was on the board, White & Nicholson were already taken and the next best player available was Jarred Sullinger and was pretty much happy with him since we were getting a player that can help the team right away however I thought it would’ve been better if DA went for Perry Jones III with the 22nd pick.. Jarred’s a prolific scorer and is a very good rebounder who would be able to help the team’s concern right away.. Perry Jones III would’ve been an added asset to the team as well.. Fab Melo is a project, he’s very raw offensively and doesn’t have any good offensive moves other than putbacks and alley oops.. He’s a very solid defensive player for me considering that he was a soccer player before playing organized basketball 5yrs ago.. He’s been dubbed the next coming of Perk, here’s to hoping he pans out..
In the 2nd round, the Boston Celtics got the #51 pick? What player was on your mind?

DA was really high on Doron Lamb and he was the only player I checked in the 2nd rd if the team was able to draft him..
What do you think of Kris Joseph?

As per DA he’s a very good prospect also as he’s an athletic forward who can be a very good defensive player too.. he can be that defensive stopper for a team and Im hoping DA gets a steal here but considering that he was picked late tells us something.. Hope he succeeds though..
If we had to reverse the Draft Order, who would you like to pick at #9 and #10?

I thought Detroit could’ve gone with Kendall Marshall who’d be their starting PG.. He would’ve brought stability to the team and would’ve been a better compliment to Monroe.. I thought Austin Rivers was a good pic for NOH.. It’d mean Gordon will be gone and he’d be a good replacement considering his offensive prowess.

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  1. pierced's Avatar
    Thanks man!

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    Undoubtedly Mr. Pierced, you are a true-blood green!


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