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Words Get In The Way, All The Time

What I Will Miss If I Quit My Job

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by , 07-28-2009 at 03:18 AM (3304 Views)
I have been contemplating about leaving my job. I had enough. I can bear the long nights and the bad calls. I just can't manage the anxiety, social conflict causes me. There is just something about some people that does not contribute to my well being. Still here are the things that I will miss when I quit this job...

* Breakfasts @ I.T - strolling along IT park with people who laugh at work's challenges has always been good for me. At least in the morning.

* The beep of Bert's watch - it used to annoy me. I'm sure I will miss that beep 10 minutes before each hour.

* Gem's >> Msg of the Day - some people may have blocked her messages. I hope to still get them when I quit.

* Ryan's eloquence - well, sort of. - all the crazy terminologies that he has invented will surely be unforgettable.

* Tammie's red jacket - she will always be my not-so-little red riding hood.

* Travis' comments on just about anything - he's made a bad habit of asking my opinion about even the most nonsense. that makes us two now.

* Victoria's spectacular fall - I can still see the look on her face when she fell. Hilarious forever!

* Walter's sexy party dance - it wasn't breakdance but it was funny. hehehe!

* Harris' dreadful pastime - damn! this young man is addicted to numbers. calculus, anyone? crazy!

* The carpet's foul smell - if there is anything in the world that causes nausea like dying, this is it!

* Eric's toy collection - the last thing you would want to forget is the child in you. this man has never grown anyway.

* Ada's fabulous biceps - i know she will hate me for this. but I guess that is because she is a swimmer. well, maybe.

* Justin's thread - i think it is still a big secret. or so i hope.

* Tanya's warm-inside wardrobe - when everyone else is freezing cold, this feisty tiny lady is happy w/ her tube top.

* Kim's air bending - when the night is quiet, the room roars with BIG BURPING. REALLY BIG BURPING.

* Randy and his infamous smirk - considered the most anti-social of all the night shift people. wrong! you should hear his Tagalog.

* Alvin's version of Remember Yesterday - ok. i was drunk and i was wasted. it was still his night though. rock on!

* Mitel ip phone - the mute button is the most important thing in this job. I'll die w/o it. well, not really.

* Yaya The Fridge - though not a living organism, this not-so-existent piece of furniture made it to my list.

* Maia's manicure - sexy and colorful, her hands will literally make you happy and satisfied.

* Trisha and everything violet - no one can pull off a periwinkle jacket but Trisha. no one!

* Jade's comb - boy, i can't imagine not seeing jade comb her hair as she walks in. my day would be incomplete.

* Farrah's EPERFORMAX jacket - will the real agent from E-max please stand up!

* Biogesic tablets - I have popped the pill more than anyone else in this company. check the log book for reference.

* Lana's favorite jingle - In heaven, in heaven and Nature's Sping. laughter unlimited.

* Nicole's sexy bedroom voice - listen. listen close. prepare to be stripped naked. or die hoping.
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Updated 09-23-2009 at 03:41 PM by elvishtattoo



  1. Dis^tracted's Avatar
    lol..ganahan ko !!! more, more pa..
  2. elvishtattoo's Avatar
    salamat Jade
    na starring jud ka. cge pa ko pangita ug i add ana nga listahan. or basin mao na jud na. basin madayon na jud ni.
  3. lana21's Avatar
    hahaha...nice nice...

    at least i wasnt forgotten,,good to know
    bitaw dont leave yet.
  4. elvishtattoo's Avatar
    nag labad na gani akong ulo Lan, kinsa pa akong i add. halos wala naman tanan close nako. ako na lang ang fighter kau
  5. HiMe ai's Avatar
    i will never get tired of reading this post...nice one mommy. aja !
  6. bodacious_babe's Avatar
    We all reach the point where we feel it's the end of our straw.. I certainly hope you haven't reached yours..

    With the delightful news you shared with me earlier...

    .. I think it's a wonderful reason to stay congratulations, girl!

    GOD bless
  7. justin08's Avatar
    hala... i'm included diay...
    big secret? i think you already know...
    nice one mommy helen...
    congratulations for your baby...
  8. elvishtattoo's Avatar
    whahaha! salamat sa tanan ni comment! hehehehe!
    sorry nga karon pa nako na basa kay nag bakasyon man gud ko.
  9. dSAINT's Avatar
    Len karon pa jud ko ka comment hahahaha! ! ! it made me think btaw if Nicole really have a sexy bedroom voice..
  10. elvishtattoo's Avatar
    hahaha! wla lang ka kabantay uy! murag pang lullaby na gani usahay ang iyang tingog... cge lang ga hunghong ba. lol!
  11. badu7's Avatar
    Nicole's sexy bedroom voice? Actually tulog pa na xa nisulod lang sa office, nag-sleepwalk para nay sweldo. Mo-mata man na basta inom. LOL..


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