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Murmurs of a Dying Heart

I don't know, I guess it really takes a life time to know someone so well, a lot of love to accept, and a huge courage to fight for someone you truly love. Sigh! love is such a melodic theme of "hellos and goodbyes". I feel like singing these lines tonight...maybe ill just sing to you...

"No-one in your life is with you constantly,
No-one is completely on your side,
And though I'd move my world to be with him,
Still the gap between us is too wide,

But in the end,
He needs a little bit
More than me,
More security,
He needs his fantasy and freedom,
I know him so well,
It took time to understand him..."

  1. Stars Shine Brightest in the Darkest of Times

    by , 08-24-2012 at 04:30 PM (Murmurs of a Dying Heart)
    Mere words aren't enough to express my deepest appreciation of you- you, who are with me at my best and never left me when I was at my worst. When troubles seemed unending, when friends became enemies, when work became a bore, and when life became a struggle your luminous lights were my shelter, my comfort and my guide. Your light never failed to brighten and even proved brightest in my darkest of times.

    I may never fathom the depths nor the heights of reasons why I have these constellations ...
  2. Me Amore Vole' Fe Yah

    by , 08-24-2012 at 04:04 PM (Murmurs of a Dying Heart)
    Love is greatest when it is sealed with Faith. Distance is but a space irrelevant of the measures of what love can do. It is when one is farthest that one becomes near. It is when one is alone when he becomes one with the universe. It is when one feels pain when one knows what love truly is. Keep the faith of what has become. Love is and will always be for those who truly believe in it.

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