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Murmurs of a Dying Heart

Stars Shine Brightest in the Darkest of Times

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by , 08-24-2012 at 04:30 PM (1499 Views)
Mere words aren't enough to express my deepest appreciation of you- you, who are with me at my best and never left me when I was at my worst. When troubles seemed unending, when friends became enemies, when work became a bore, and when life became a struggle your luminous lights were my shelter, my comfort and my guide. Your light never failed to brighten and even proved brightest in my darkest of times.

I may never fathom the depths nor the heights of reasons why I have these constellations of magnanimous people like you. For even if I would forever battle thinking within myself what these reasons for me deserving of you, I would only lose all these battles for such a quest for an answer is elusive.

The least that I can do is thank the Powerful, Mighty Creator of this Mystical Universe for sharing you to me. Here's a toast to life, love and fate- Amor Fati!
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  1. walker's Avatar
    A mystery
    who might that you be?
    must be a constellation themselves
    yeah, have faith
    it lasts through storms
    and treacherous rapids


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