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Murmurs of a Dying Heart

The Land of Me

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by , 10-11-2011 at 12:31 PM (1434 Views)
The land of Me is beautiful - there is so much to see
He awakens there one day and begins to wander free
He takes in the landscape, noting the valleys and the hills
He simply canít imagine how he could ever get his fill

Not wanting to waste time merely gazing at the scene
He must figure out who will be the first heíll see
He decides to see Miss Calf- she is sweet - if fidgety
She is almost - but not quite - as ticklish as Miss Knee
He greets her with a gentle touch and asks how she has been
She answers with a quiver that speaks of missing him
He whispers of returning but for now continues on
Thereís so much to be seen here, so much to be done

He then stops in to call on the decadent Miss Thigh
Smooth and sultry she is more than pleasing to the eye
And to the hands and mouth as well - if he tells the honest truth
Just watch him as he touches her - youíll need no further proof
His eyes are closed, his heart beats hard; thereís almost nothing he wants more
Well, maybe perhaps there is one thing, that he still has in store
As much as he would like to stay, he knows he has to go
But heíll be back, yes - back quite soon - if you really need to know

And although there is a stunning lady really very close
He moves farther on - much farther - this man already knows
Miss Thighís delicious neighbor wonít take visitors until he
Has paid homage to all who reside in the lovely land of Me

So he crosses the great flat plains until he comes upon the hills
The glorious peaks where yet another beautiful lady dwells
Miss Breast is next for him to see, and there will be so much to do
For the thing about Miss Breast is that Ė she is not one, but two!
Two amazing souls that respond so kindly to his touch
Itís a wonder he can break away, he loves them both so much
He must engage all: hands and mouth and tongue to let them know
Just how much he misses them when at last he has to go

His next stop though, is the one that he holds so very dear
He speaks to the heart and soul of Me through the wonderful Miss Ear
And while he whispers words of love and tender promises
He does not forget to give Miss Neck her well deserved kisses
Kisses spread from neck to ear until he finds Miss Mouth
Itís just the kind of kiss that poets forever write about

Then there is a collective hush as the entire landscape sighs
And he begins to move between her slowly parting thighs
Where Miss Divine is waiting Ė eager now for him
For heís the only one this Goddess will be letting in.

---quoted from Fargyll Queen


  1. dearlabe's Avatar
    Oh, the Divine spot does make one chill but I would want to be kissed still in my forehead, in my hands...
  2. LeeLeePot's Avatar
  3. philly's Avatar
    nice one,,, nice read


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