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Murmurs of a Dying Heart

I know him so well... or maybe not :(

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by , 08-20-2011 at 07:13 PM (665 Views)
I don't know, I guess it really takes a life time to know someone so well, a lot of love to accept, and a huge courage to fight for someone you truly love. Sigh! love is such a melodic theme of "hellos and goodbyes". I feel like singing these sad lines for him tonight...

"No-one in your life is with you constantly,
No-one is completely on your side,
And though I'd move my world to be with him,
Still the gap between us is too wide,

But in the end,
He needs a little bit
More than me,
More security,
He needs his fantasy and freedom,
I know him so well,
It took time to understand him..."

I Know Him So Well Whitney Houston+Lyrics - YouTube

Updated 08-20-2011 at 07:36 PM by dearlabe



  1. farmboy's Avatar
    wasn't that you who sang to him

    "saving all my love for you" ?

    [url=]Whitney Houston-Saving All My Love for You - YouTube[/url]
    Updated 08-21-2011 at 09:37 AM by farmboy
  2. dearlabe's Avatar
    Shut up, unsa ko singer sa videoke?! Hmp. You should have been "farmboy abunda"! Heheheh.
  3. farmboy's Avatar
    did you not sing to him the song

    "i can't say goodbye to you"

    [B][I]just last nyt?[/I][/B]

    [url=]I Can't Say Goodbye To You - YouTube[/url]
    Updated 08-21-2011 at 09:38 AM by farmboy
  4. dearlabe's Avatar
    Hoi, silingan ta? Kahibaw lageh ka? farmboyrazzi i will find you! hmp
  5. farmboy's Avatar
    silingan? hmmm

    did you not sing to him the song

    "i never thought that i could love someone like you"

    [url=]i never thought that i could love - DAN HILL (JM) - YouTube[/url]
    Updated 08-21-2011 at 09:39 AM by farmboy
  6. dearlabe's Avatar
    Ikaw bah! Naka tap ra gani ka sa ako free wifi imo pagyud ko ipang bulgar! Gusto ka butangan nko password ako wifi now para dli naka maka net. Kaw ha abusado nka! grrrrrrr
  7. farmboy's Avatar
    naka tap ko sa imo heart..
    naka subscribe sa imo body
    naka link sa imo life
    naka connect sa imo soul[/COLOR][/I][/B]
    Updated 08-23-2011 at 02:44 PM by farmboy


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