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straight from the heart...

the hardest part of loving you

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by , 12-01-2014 at 05:51 PM (2867 Views)
can i say i miss you?
can i say i love you?
will it matter to you?
will you hate me if i do?

the hardest part of loving you
is when i am missing you
no matter how much i long for you
there's nothing i can do.

as human as i am
as weak as i can
when times are lonesome
i wish you are mine.

i know it cant be
i know it will never be
but just for once
can i ask for a dance?

sometimes i dream of you
most of the time i think of you
if only i can see you
i will definitely do.

be happy where you are
in my heart you're the star
please dont forget me
your friend that i can be.

'if loving you is all that means to me
then being happy is all i hope you be'
dont you worry about me
if you're happy,then i will be.

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  1. Passport's Avatar
    this poet is so passionate.. very nice.
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