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Burger or Business?

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by , 04-13-2013 at 09:34 AM (1859 Views)
If you have 50 pesos right now will you spend it for burger? or invest it in a business?

What 50 pesos for business? You might be wondering if I'm already gone insane, right? but nothing to worry about I'm in sound mind and spirit.

If I knew an online program that can start you a business out of your 50 pesos will you take action? well....

GOOD NEWS! I have a program that can give you extra savings with your 50 pesos to start with.

I joined in this program late last July 2012 when my business mentor Mr. Go introduced this program to me, he said "Jeff I want you to try this out of skepticism. Anyway this is just a low start-up there's nothing to loss more to gain." I was intrigued with his words so i did join the program and after a week of doing nothing actually.

And here's what happened that day...

My 50 pesos investment turned 5x its fold, isn't it amazing? It's really much more if I did my part that time perhaps it could be 10x 100x bigger...and it's really achievable. Now, not to brag and not to boast I'm earning enough to feed my family and have our basic needs covered.

This is just one of the programs we have in Rewop Krowten Community. (I'll tell you more about the community in my next blog)

Interested to earn online as well? I'm willing to mentor anyone who is also willing to learn from me.

After all it's my advocacy to help alleviate poverty in the country and that's the least thing I can contribute in our society.

Have a great weekend to all.

Ciao for now!


  1. exguco's Avatar
    nice . . . . unsa on pag apil?
  2. sammedriano's Avatar
    Yeah. . .how to join po?
  3. cmmyg's Avatar
    if your interested you can text me 09322990026
  4. Bricksand's Avatar
    Thanks for all the can PM me or you can contact cmmyg since he's in our group as well...the path to success is best when shared.
  5. MrCheap's Avatar
    pm me unsaon pag apil
  6. roland M's Avatar
    Napakadaling Online Business para sa lahat,
    pero paalala lang, This is not Get Rich Quick Scheme..
    Lahat ng pera pinag hihirapan pero kung desisdido kang
    umasenso at open minded ka sa mga opportunities,
    kayang kaya mo rin kitain ito..

    Add and Message me now or
    Contact me: 0923-4412761

    or Click this Link
    Supreme Wealth Alliance - Connect. Create. Uplift
  7. januaryAngel's Avatar
    Store Space for Rent 3,500/month

    With CR and Kitchen and Free wifi.

    Only up to February 6.

    We are also selling our paninda(tinda). So instant negosyo na sya. Store space will only be given if e assume/paliton apil ang tanan tinda ug butang.

    Price 48,000.00 includes the whole sari-sari store goods, appliances and many others.

    Refrigerator(6months old), foam, 2 electric fans, table, kitchen utensils, stove,and many others.

    Store front is glass then ang sira is roll-up door. So ma bira bira lang..along the road. With many residents.
    Address 259 a.lopez mahayahay labangon, cebu city

    I will only entertain those who can cash out as soon as sure na mo assume. Need to move out asap.
    Contact me 09325258654


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