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Coffee drinkers are more likely to see dead people

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by , 01-18-2011 at 02:56 PM (5390 Views)
Coffee drinkers are more likely to see dead people

According to a research, heavy coffee drinkers are more likely to have hallucinations or feel "the presence of dead people,". A UK-based study quizzed 200 students on their caffeine intake and found those with the highest consumption were also more prone to report seeing, or hearing, things that were not there. Those who consumed a daily equivalent of seven cups of instant coffee or more - high caffeine users - were three times more likely to have extra-sensory experiences than low users, who had less than one cup daily. The Durham University study took in all caffeine consumption including coffee but also tea, caffeinated energy drinks or chocolate bars and caffeine pills.

When under stress, the body releases a stress hormone called cortisol. More of this stress hormone is released in response to stress when people have recently had caffeine. It is this extra boost of cortisol which may link caffeine intake with an increased tendency to hallucinate, say the scientists.


  1. onlyvic's Avatar
    really now? im waiting to have my time to see those things.. haha im a coffee addict here but havent tried to hallucinate.


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