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Bigfoot Oracle

We're always on the side of the animal that's being chased.

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by , 01-06-2013 at 06:51 AM (1689 Views)

The Rabbit, Hare, Bunny or whatever you call this little critter symbolises a lot of things. Love, luck, shyness, speed, growth, rebirth, creativity, family, awareness, perception, abundance, esoteric knowledge and uhm...,food etc. Their exterior of brain exploding fluffy cuteness made some of us, as kids, at one point, want to have one as a pet.

Like any highly social animals, they say, rabbits display genuine feelings, happiness and affection. And most of all,the inevitable- rabbits poop and pee --which sums up all highly social animals. Poop and Pee, baby.

Rabbit is synonymous to "hopping" and "jumping". In fact, this critter is known to leap over nine feet high! If you were a basketball player who loves to dunk, long jump/high jump, skip rope or someone who loves to jump into conclusions kind of athlete, don't you wish you were a rabbit?

There's a lot of things to talk about and I could go on and on about about a rabbit.

But you know, that fable we heard when we were kids etched in my head that a rabbit is a cute, cunning, fluffy sonnamawitch loser who thought he could beat the awesome turtle dude.

I was not harassed by a rabbit when I was a kid. No.
I drew this illustration because I find rabbits cute.

I have a pet turtle. His name is Igor.
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  1. 11tomes's Avatar
    You drew it?
  2. 11tomes's Avatar
    You showed so much affection the rabbit yet you own a turtle.


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