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iSTORYA.NET's user blog installed

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by , 08-25-2008 at 07:48 AM (5023 Views)
After doing extensive research on which platform to take, we decided to go with vBblog. The main reason is "forum integration". It is the only option so far that would seamlessly integrate with vBulletin. This means that instead of creating two separate accounts, people who are qualified to use it only need to have 1 user account for both the forums and the user blogs.

This feature is initially available to persons with the following ranks: C.I.A., Platinum Member, & Premium Member.

Updated 08-25-2008 at 07:57 AM by BeoR

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  1. vern's Avatar
    Does it allow users to use their own design?
  2. MarkCuering's Avatar
    Why restrict to its level? why not open to everyone? I'm planning to post some blog regarding programming, IT and engineering students and works... do I have to post or flame thousand times with useless replies here in the forum?
  3. BeoR's Avatar
    Take note of the word "Initially"... there are plans to expand coverage once we figure some things out...
  4. teagirl's Avatar
    Hi. Any progress regarding making blogging available for everyone? I am very keen on having a blog of my own here in Istorya. net and even though I have been a member for a long time, I am not a premium member at all. So what does it take to be a premium member?
  5. Shown's Avatar
    Can I have permit for making post plz.

    I wanna sell something.
  6. Shown's Avatar
    Hello, Master.

    Im korean.

    I dont know how to get permit for post.

    Could u explain more easier.

    It seems very hard to have permit.

    Thank you.
  7. noliverh's Avatar
    that is why i can't post my blogs here... it is bcoz im not a C.I.A., Platinum Member, & Premium Member.

    whaaaa... this is so unfair.... peace bro...
  8. inna-iks's Avatar
    *sigh* I'd have to be C.I.A for me to post blogs. Huhu. I have to wait..
  9. gregsin's Avatar
    everyone patience is a virtue.
    I was newbie once and some functionalities are not available because we need to familiarize those rules that is being implemented, and there are revisions too . So just be cool and join the forum talk and read more about rules. Because again I've been there that than that.


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