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Over-the -top style ( Ibanez JEM )

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by , 09-30-2008 at 03:17 PM (27985 Views)

In the 1980's there emerged an extreme type of guitar playing, often referred to as 'shred'.

This over-the-top style was characterize by impossibly swift picking, two-handed tapping and crazed whammy-bar manipulation. Such pyrotechnics necessitated specialized instruments. In the late 80's, Guitar hero Steve Vai collaborated with the Ibanez company to produce the JEM - a 'Superstrat' based upon traditional Fender principles, coupled with modern advances.


First available in 1987, the JEM was built to Steve Vai's exacting specifications a contoured, lightwieght basswood body with a 'monkeygrip' .

Built in handle for doing "treasure stuff", as Vai once put it:high-output DiMarzio pickups and a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard. The guitar also featured a recessed Ibanez 'Edge' whammy bar with locking nut, so that pitch could be radically lowered and raisedwithout creating any tuning problems.

An early, limited edition of the JEM-Painted green and known as 'Loch Ness' models - were signed, numbered, and decorated with tiny drawings by Vai, making them instant collectors item.

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  1. sherwinzae's Avatar
    dripping saliva i have....
  2. nashsatriani's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sherwinzae
    dripping saliva i have....

    ayawg tutu imong laway diha,,,, ari dayon diri ugma, dili naka managinot og gamit sa greg benett ky naa ny Steve Vaibanez diri.

  3. matakeir's Avatar
    pila mn ni bro? pls send me a private message. i'm very interested.. up!
  4. butchoy17's Avatar
    Lucky for me I got a Jem back in 97'..but it cost me an arm and a leg..but it's worth it!!
  5. baliguat's Avatar
    hello everyone ^^ up!


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