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7 of The Best Things to Do When Youíre Feeling Anxious

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by , 06-28-2016 at 10:34 AM (1163 Views)
7 of The Best Things to Do When Youíre Feeling Anxious
by: Nicole Tone

Figuring out what medications best help you and your anxiety is probably a work in progress with your doctor, the way it is with mine. But I like to have other tools in my anxiety toolbelt other than just medication. Itís great to have a well-rounded self-care plan, because sometimes I donít want to rely solely on my medication to feel better ó I like to feel like Iím in control of my anxiety, and just in case other people feel the same way I do, I wanted to share some of my anxiety coping mechanisms. Here are seven of my favorite (and most helpful!) things to do when Iím feeling anxious:
Watch an episode of something.

I have certain shows that are like comfort foods for me. The Blacklist, House of Cards, and Greyís Anatomy are like a warm, heavy blanket and give me a break from whatís going on in my own life. Just a pro tip: if youíre anything like me, avoid Orange is the New Black because once I start one episode I canít stop until the rest if the season is over (or really any show that I havenít seen before, because just like a good book, once Iím hooked I canít stop).

Setting aside the laptop, iPad, and cell phone is a GOOD thing and, letís be honest, is a big part of where my anxiety comes from. So Iíve taken up adult coloring books. For me, anything with mandalas is helpful in easing me away from anxiety. With this, having all of the colored pencils is nice but can still be overwhelming. Iíve taken to using self-sharpening colored pencils because the packs are smaller and minimizes pencil shavings.
Use the Calm Me app, or guided meditation in general.

I discovered this app this week and have been using it daily. Meditating on my own wasnít working; I wasnít able to focus, let alone bring myself down from a panic attack. With the guided meditations provided for free, Iíve been able to re-focus.
Using a lavender pillow.

I have lavender everything in my house. Lotion, bubble bath, dried and hanging in my kitchen, and growing in my herb garden. But the heavy neck pillow I bought (that can be heated, too!) has really helped a ton. Iíll heat it up while Iím working to help me focus, or put it on my pillow on my bed to help calm myself down before bed.


For me, itís yoga (closed poses) and horseback riding. Focusing on my breathing, on staying balanced, or on controlling a 1200 lb animal helps create distance between me and my trigger. In an office and canít just throw yourself in downward dog? Take a walk if you can, even if itís just around the building. Walk to the bathroom and back.
Hand massages and/or palm pushes.

You donít need to go to the nail salon to get a good hand massage. Start with pushing your palms together (you can even do this at your work desk!) and focusing on the pressure. If that doesnít help, start massaging the palm of one hand with your thumb on the other hand.

Write down what youíre worried about. Keep a private Tumblr account, a journal, a notebook ó something thatís private and just meant for you so you can just let go. Write about anything. Write about whatís triggered you, about what youíve accomplished that day. Make a list of what you need to do and prioritize it. Let your thoughts out in a constructive and healthy manner.

Maybe these will help you and maybe they wonít. But making steps towards helping ourselves is a good thing especially when anxiety can be so incredibly crippling.


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  6. kimlee04's Avatar
    Hey there! When I'm feeling anxious, I find that these activities really help me feel better and more relaxed:

    Mindfulness Meditation: Taking a few minutes to focus on my breath and be present in the moment really helps calm my mind and reduce anxious thoughts.

    Going for a Walk in Nature: Connecting with nature and getting some fresh air always lifts my spirits and clears my mind.

    Listening to Soothing Music: Music has a magical way of easing anxiety, and I have a playlist of my favorite calming tunes for such moments.

    Practicing Yoga: Doing some gentle yoga poses helps me release tension from my body and brings a sense of peace.

    Engaging in Creative Activities: Drawing, painting, or writing in a journal are wonderful outlets to express my emotions and distract myself from anxious feelings.

    Remember, everyone's experience is unique, but I hope you find these activities as helpful as I do! Don't hesitate to explore what works best for you. Take care and stay positive!
  7. PeterNewman's Avatar
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