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CAPTEK Dental CROWNS and BRIDGES :-) Wearing GOLD in your teeth but in a natural looking way!

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by , 07-17-2013 at 02:26 PM (16038 Views)
Captekô was developed by a Prosthodontist and a world class dental technician to provide their patients with the optimal crowns and bridges. Now Captekô is available worldwide for you to benefit your patients with.

is a unique metal gold composite coping for a PFM fixed partial denture. Resulting in esthetic, healthy, strong and long lasting crowns and bridges, you can successfully place in all cases, either natural teeth or implants.

Itís the perfect material for restoring crowns and bridges.
Captek is a composite metal, not an alloy. When used as a porcelain substrate, it virtually duplicates the optical properties of enamelís underlying tooth structure. In my experience, with factors like lab technician skills and the quality of clinical records being equal, it may be easier to attain the highest level of esthetics using all-ceramics. But in the hands of superior ceramists like the Elite porcelain team at Arrowhead, Captek can also achieve an ultimate vitality.
Captekís strength, toughness, and masking ability make it applicable under more conditions than many of its metal-free counterparts. These conditions include occlusal loads, parafunctional habits, discolored tooth structure, and margin placement. Thus, Captek has become the mainstay of my crown and bridge practice since I first used it in early 2002."

It has several advantages actually...

1. Durable
2. More natural looking
3. Because of its GOLD metal backing, this type of crown or bridge has an anti-bacterial property which also eliminates the "blackening" of the gums which happens in patients who have PFM or Porcelain Fused to Metal crowns. (see image)

To know more about this, you can visit us here at

4th flr Robinson's Cybergate

Contact us for bookings and appointments:
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Dr. Gwendolyn N. Nirza DMD
Dr. Adhara Amie Aubrey C. Tan DMD




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