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..what a day!

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by , 08-25-2008 at 06:19 PM (2465 Views)
..woke up sweating..
..saw the electric fan not running..
..thot, "brownout karon?? oh no!"
.."what time is it? i have to go!"
..its half past 8 am already?!..
..i still have 2 more articles to type..
..have to reach the deadline..
..have to send it before noontime.. electricity, means no water.. water means no bath?!..
..i still smell good pa nman..
..i bathe last night man pud..
..told mom hav to go to tamiya..
..i really need an internet connection!..
..rode on a tricycle..
..still no electricity at tamiya??.. choice have to go to merkado..
..still?! why am i tested this way?..
..time check.. 9:15am...
..i really really hav to send those files!.. choice went to mandaue..
..stopped at hiway, found a cafe..
..typed the articles in top speed..
..finished two articles in almost two hours..
..edited. attached. sent. whew!..
..time check.. 11:40am..
..oOpsy! my stomach aches!..
..Only drank milo, time for lunch..
..went home..ate mom's specialty..


  1. histrionic0311's Avatar
    wow it's so hard for you traversing yourself and ended up with no electricity in Lapu2x.. hehe
    that's okay..
    it's good that you've found a way..
  2. dark_phoenix's Avatar
    nalingaw ko sa imo gi suwat.....
  3. histrionic0311's Avatar
    kayod gyud!! hahaha
  4. cosplay's Avatar
    Life is all about work. Death is rest. In peace.
  5. zney25's Avatar
    hehehe..nice -CL-...rush hour?..hehehe..
  6. -CL-'s Avatar
    .. haha! salamat sa tanang nibasa .. trial post pani nako ..
    .. gubot pa keu ang thot .. pero thanx sa ni-appreciate ug basa ..
  7. re_con's Avatar
    relate pud ko nimo bai, ingon ani pud ang akong life last year.


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