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..My Mind Sanctuary..

..will u bathe with ME?

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by , 08-29-2008 at 06:17 PM (2238 Views)
.. gabby concepcion .. father of KC .. how in the world did he ever get into my dreams? sheesh!

.. the most shocking thing would be not only is he playing with my mind that night but with my bOoody! kissing, caressing, holding me tight.. waaaaaaaaaa!! welpz! he was hunkylicious last night .. so i dont mind.. hehe..

.. anyway, this entry is not about him.. neither 'bout my dreams.. it's 'bout this daring SOMEBODY i was with while cleaning myself this morning..

.. this SOMEBODY is such a spyish.. tall.. dark..feety and..and.. uhmmmm.. handsome? nah! i wasn't able to look at him close up.. but he was a bit of a shy type for his kind..

.. and do u wanna know hu this somebody is? do u? well .. i'm afraid he's dead! yes ur right.. u heard me right so well.. he is DEAD! i killed him! For spying on me and freakin' me out.. i killed HIM!

.. well hu wouldn't be freakin'-f*ckin' frightened if ur taking ur bath and on the side of ur left foot lies this..

..and watchin' u naked?!

..waaak! waaak! waaaak!

..whew! it must have been a gazillion times that i've wacked him with a soap holder with all the strength i've stored from the dinner i ate last night! .. just to get to see him non-wiggling, moving and chopped into pieces was enough for me to flush him out with buckets of water! sheeesh! my heart leaped at the top of my head screaming her valves out with that pest!

..darn those crawly, wiggly and slimey SOMEBODY's watching me beyond my vision....

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  1. histrionic0311's Avatar
    hahahaha.. hadlok gyud lageh ug centipede.
  2. -CL-'s Avatar
    ..o oi! talawan jud ko bisan unsa tawn nga murag bitin.. ma-til-as, uud, wati, uhipan, caterpillar, nah! tanan! hehehe,,,
  3. cosplay's Avatar
    haha... that's a phobia.. called Chilopodophobia

    and fear of millipedes is myriapodophobia...

    got to have some NLP and hypnotherapy.. hehe


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