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..biRthday of the baby, everybody thot .... was mine.. ;)

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by , 08-27-2008 at 09:00 PM (2006 Views)
"weeee.. u peed on ur shorts!

..wake up u little sleepyhead! it's ur day today! "

..this little kid, hu is turning 3 today, is my youngest brother, the twentieth francisco of the J*****g clan..

..expected by a lot of kids, a party was to be thrown.. but crisis calls, sad to say, my brother is an exemption to that this year.. how sad.. but not totally, i think.

" ballOons mam for ur anak? birthday bitaw niya ron..." i really that mom looking? or is it just the kid i'm with? flaming red, holding the hand of the guardian he is with, we went to Regla Church to light up some candles and utter some prayers.. was just an ordinary wednesday, candle ladies standing nearby the church, waiting for worshippers to pass by, convincing for a pick of the candles they are selling..sheesh! was they very convincing!

..bought ten sticks with mama mary's image on it.. burned it with prayers for the added year and good health being given..

me: asa ta adto sunod jo?

brother: jollibee china!

..haha! had he not yet get himself over with the china trip we had last summer..? promised by my dear mother, i treated him to a nearby jollibee in lapu2x, to a branch where there's a small playhouse for toddlers to play.. took him 1 hour to get himself done with the slides and climbs before he went binging on the spaghetti and burger we ordered..

..geez! how full we both are! a smile on his face makes me say, he was happy on his birthday..

..that kid, with just a jollibee to make him happy, makes me so pleased and happy at the same time..

..Api Burtdi My baby!..

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  1. ricponsib's Avatar
    Wow, touch man sab ta sa story... good work ate CL..
  2. cosplay's Avatar
    Nice post. Mom ka na pala.
  3. -CL-'s Avatar
    .. no, im not a mom .. hehe .. that's my lil bro i was talking 'bout ..


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