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    Hi Sis Neve Thanks for dropping by and in giving such nice insights,Yes we do play an important role and perhaps we are the main driving force to realize it. But somehow we need a catalyst to encourage us to to initiate and I think poverty is one of the most probable contributor.
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    perhaps unity could be achieve if we will not only think of ourselves, if we also think of how we affect others, basing on what we do. If only we think of how we can make this world a better place, and if only all of us will think tha it should start from each one of us.
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    Thanks for the comments Bro Sevmik,
    rest assured it is being very much appreciated,
    Yes,it's so sad to know that sometimes reality do reveal
    that somehow ideal attributes are really far beyond reach.
    But still in my mundane wishful thinking I'm still hopeful
    that opportunities of unity would arise instigating us to become
    as one, for In this trying times I do presume that we do penuriously
    need it.
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    sadly, the complexity of modern society has made our concept of ideal realities truly ideal. where once there was hope, now we have to contend with so many factors that it no longer is a matter of simple unity.

    and that's not just my cynicism talking, lol

    john lennon had it right when he wrote the song Imagine. kutob na lang jud imagine...
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