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    Talking Basketball Club 4th Conference

    Here's the UPDATED Game Rules and Regulations (March 13, 2009) for the 4th IBC League:

    - The game shall consist of four (4) quarters of ten (10) minutes.
    - There shall be intervals of play of one (1) minute between each quarter including (If
    necessary) overtime.

    - There shall be a half-time interval of five (5) minutes.
    - There shall be an interval of play of fifteen (15) minutes before the game is scheduled to

    - If the score is tied at the end of playing time for the fourth quarter, the game shall
    continue with an extra five (5) minutes as is necessary to break the tie.

    - A five (5) point deduction will be imposed if the team could not complete the lineup
    when the game is scheduled to begin or at least reach to ten (10) players.

    - A team shall lose the game by forfeit if fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled starting
    time is not present or is unable to field five (5) players. The game is awarded to the
    opponents and the score shall be twenty to zero (20 to 0). Furthermore, the forfeiting
    team shall receive zero (0) points in the classification.

    - All players must wear their proper uniform during the game period. At least upper
    uniform must be worn. Exchange of uniform is not allowed. “NO UNIFORM NO

    If there is any game protest, the team must inform the committee before the game
    begins. Protest should be filed in written letter within forty eight ( 48 ) hours after the

    If the protest involves the technicality of the game and it involves the table committees
    or the referees, the committee should be informed after the game and have the written
    letter submitted within twenty four (24) hours.

    - Each timeout shall last only for thirty (30) seconds.
    - Coaches and the players who are inside the playing court are the only ones allowed to
    call timeout.

    - A timeout opportunity may be granted:
    when a foul occurred.
    when there’s a dead ball situation following a last or only successful free
    throw and ball out of bounds.

    after the opposing team made their field goal.
    - If an injury occurred during the game period, the team can make an injury timeout

    - An injury timeout can only be used when there is a player got injured inside the playing
    court. An injury timeout will only last for up to one (1)
    minute only. This will give
    enough time for the team to take the injured player outside the playing court and be
    substituted immediately.

    - Each team is awarded with one (1) timeout for the first three quarters and in overtime
    period and two (2) in the 4th quarter.

    - Unused time-outs in each quarter will not be carried over to the next quarter.
    - All regular violations for amateur leagues will apply. (Refer to the referees for

    - Fighting or instigating a fight inside and outside the court is not allowed.
    - If a player provokes such action, he will be automatically removed from the ballgame,
    suspended from future games or disqualified from the league depending on the weight of
    his action.

    - After a certain incident, the whole team is charge for a penalty fine of five hundred
    (P500) pesos.

    - Unsportsmanlike conduct will be subject to ejection from the ballgame and if possible,
    suspension for a number of games or disqualification from the league depending on the
    gravity of his action.

    - Players, coaches or the whole member of the team is not allowed to do any taunting and
    thrash talking inside the court towards opposing team or players. A warning call shall be
    charged on first offense and a technical foul or if possible, an ejection in the game shall
    be charged to the individual if he still continues to do such action.

    - Only members of the team are allowed to enter the court. Non-members or supporters
    should remain outside the court.

    - Players or members of the team are strictly not allowed to clear the bench or a technical
    foul shall be called upon to each player and any member of the team. Two (2) technical
    free throws will be charged for violation.

    - Only the coach or team captain is allowed to standup or may approach the table for any
    inquiry. The rest of the team should remain seated in the bench.

    - The Coach or the Player is automatically ejected from the ballgame if two (2) technical
    fouls are charged against him.

    - Each player is allowed up to five (5) personal fouls only for him to be disqualified in the

    - Each team is allowed of up to five (5) team fouls per quarter and shall be charged with
    team penalty.

    - Maximum of only fifteen (15) players are allowed to play for the whole game period.
    - Each team consist maximum of three (3) players who is 5’10” or greater. One (1) player
    should be at maximum 6’2” and the other two (2) players should be less than 6’2” feet.

    - Only seven (7) players will play for the whole first quarter only. They are not allowed to
    play on the 2nd quarter.

    - Next eight ( 8 ) players will play for the whole second quarter only. They are not allowed
    to play on the 1st quarter.

    - Fifteen (15) player substitutions will take effect only during the second half.
    - Only those players whose names appeared on the list of official line-up are allowed to
    play for the whole league.

    - Active college varsity players and ex-varsity players from 1995 to present are not
    allowed to play the league. If proven otherwise, all the games the team played
    wherein these players played will be automatically considered a loss by forfeit.

    - Active commercial and ex-commercial players are not allowed to play the league. If
    proven otherwise, all the game the team that played wherein these players played will
    automatically considered a loss by forfeit.

    - Players who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the ballgame are strictly
    not allowed to play or else the team will lose by forfeit.

    - A total of 16 teams will play for the tournament and will be divided into two (2)

    - The game format consists of two (2) conferences which is the North Conference and
    the South Conference.

    - North Conference will play in Sacred Heart Gym while the South Conference will play
    in Vicente Sotto Memorial Gym (Atillo Gym).

    - All games are played during on Sundays only unless if there are any changes in the
    schedule as advised by the commissioner.

    - The six (6) teams in each conference will play on a Single Round Robin System for
    elimination round. Four (4) teams in each conference shall be eliminated.

    - The top four (4) teams in each conference will play a single knockout crossover game
    for the quarter finals.

    - The remaining four teams from the quarterfinals will play another single knockout game
    for semi-finals.
    During the final round, the game will be a best of three (3) series game.
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    bro, apil ako team bro sa inyo coming na league...unsa man inyo praktis day para sad ka apil me...just text me bro sa updates sa league basta me submit ko ako team ..hope maka apil me sa inyo league..thnx

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    how to join?

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    pwde ko apil ani? kinsay kuwang ang team diha?

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    abi nakog gi-delete ang thread kay mogamay unta to akong number of posts... hehehe.. gi-closed ra diay ang previous thread...

    well, mag meeting pa ang newly appointed committee bahin sa new rules and regulation...,

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    naa mi chance makajoin? what are the requirements? salamat...

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    mura nindot e post karon dayun dah kay limpyo pa kaau ang bag ong thread.... Istorya Team C.... nice get together ganina... bisan uwan, kita kita gihapon ta sa Mamut Grill....Long Live IBC and istorya C

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    lage, ato ni ipa-apil si hurley kay murag kabalo man siya sa tanan... and simple ra man na, way protesta kung way angay protestahan...

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    kuyawa hurley uy unsa diay ka team bai?

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    mo apil ka committee?

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