Car buyers often opt for compact SUVs; in other words, compact SUVs gain high popularity in the market since it is the vehicle that offer extremely excellent mobility and safety features while seating more passengers. Nissan Juke and Honda BRV are all excellent choices when it comes to compact SUVs, but which one is more rewarding for your purchase?When regards dimension, the model Nissan Juke measures 4,135 mm x 1,765 mm x 1,580 mm (L, W, H) while the item Honda BR-V is 4,456 mm long, 1,735 mm wide and 1,665 mm high. Therefore, it is easily noticed that the Nissan with the hatchback design will offer much more elbow and leg room. Meanwhile, thanks to the +384mm extra, the Honda acquires a plus that is roomier seating and luggage space.When it comes to performance, two models share the same 4-cylinder, 16-valve engine and many other specs but the Juke seems to outshine its rival. Details show that the model Honda BR-V is armed with a VTEC engine having a horsepower of 120 Ps and generating the torque of 145. Meanwhile, the Nissan Juke’s engine produces 116 hp as well as the torque of 154. Additionally, the Juke gets bigger displacement. As to safety equipment, the Juke scores higher than its rival, Honda BR-V. As you might know, Nissan has achieved considerable fame of manufacturing automobiles that ensure maximum safety. Thus, the Juke is not an exception when it acquires the extra features such as ISOFIX attachment and Cruise Control which the BR-V is not equipped with. So how about interior? In the round, the Nissan Juke lacks touchscreen and leather seat options while the Honda BR-V seems to be the winner despite not being supplied with Cruise Control.When exterior is concerned, both of these models turns out to be equal. However, the Nissan might win thanks to the equipment of a rear camera. For additional details such as price and comprehensive specs, go to the full version Nissan Juke vs Honda BR-V. It is all about the comparison about two models in the same category. What is your opinion?