In the automotive market, you might be wondering which mid-size pickup to give it a go. Here is our recommendation Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50 that all features the essence of a great drive and functionality. Read on to keep track all the details in terms of dimension, performance and safety as well!Dimensions perform a crucial role in a pick-up vehicle since it both loads the cargo and accommodates passengers with ease. As regards dimensions, the Mazda BT-50 surpasses the rival Isuzu D-Max in length and height yet iit is a bit slimmer by ten millimetres. About the rig, both of these model are offered with small margins. When regards exterior, Mazda rules again since the rain sensor is added on the outside. All the items get sufficient features such as headlights, fog lights, third brake light and rear camera. When it comes to performance, D-Max vs BT-50 all possesses essential features to deliver great drives. However, in the battle, the model Mazda BT-50 easily becomes the winner since it comes packed with absolutely rugged power - the key factor needed to pull the whole big body through the road. To be more specific, the BT-50 churns out 200 hp and 470 rpm of torque while the D-Max can produce only 177 hp as well as 380 rpm of torque. In terms of safety equipment, these models comes provided with a variety of necessary features that play an important role in ensuring the drive quality. In general, two automobiles are equally supplied with Vehicle Stability Control, Dual Airbags, ABS with EBD, BA, Sonar, Auto adjust headlights and 3-pt. ELR seatbelts. In addition, two items D-Max and BT-50 sports fundamental all-in comfort features and make themselves a truly premium interior which completely offers passengers with absolute comfort. A noteworthy point in the sector is that the Isuzu D-Max lacks Auto lock while Speed sensing auto lock is not available in the Mazda BT-50.It is hence easy to notice that the Mazda BT-50 deserves to be your next pickup if you can afford. For fuller comparison, give it a try here at Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50!