Among the variety of items in the mid-size sedan, you might find it difficult to opt for a specific automobile to add into your list. Through the in-depth comparison of Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy, you could estimate between two models before reaching decision!As regards dimensions, the Subaru is the wider and higher but the Toyota Camry surrpasses its competitors about length. However, the Camry ably creates greater volume for extra space. About external equipment, both of two excellent items have the same features such as headlamp Halogen, fog lamp, third brake light, auto adjust headlamp, auto wiper and Daytime Running Lights. In terms of performance, the Toyota Camry is at the advantage of its horsepower and suspension. Nevertheless, the Legacy has better displacement, torque with an AWD differential to boot! Both are symmetrical in performance. Toyota Camry 2019 is armed with a 2.0L engine while Legacy models will be equipped with the sedan's 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine.When it comes to safety features, both models are well appointed, but the Camry gets the point for one option which the Subaru isnít equipped with. It is about the comparison between two mid-size sedans. You could figure out more and more in the Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy. So now what is your opinion?