One of the most competitive segments in the automotive industry today is the B-segment sedan, in which Honda City and Toyota Vios appear to be two long-standing rivals. Let’s figure out which make them competitive in the comparison Honda City vs Toyota Vios!As to dimension, the Honda City is noticeably longer in both wheelbase and overall length. It hence features a greater cargo capacity and rather limited legroom. Nonetheless, the Vios is slightly wider, and that difference of 35 millimeters will count when it comes to elbow/side-to-side passenger room. In terms of interior, the two Japanese-made vehicles are vastly different. The center AC vents of the Vios are positioned blow the infotainment system while on the City, they are placed on top. The City has a set of soft-touch controls for the AC instead of having rotating dials which the Vios has. Notably, Honda City also has more speakers with two ones set within the rear passenger compartment. Both of these models sports the same legroom and headroom. In short, the City seems fancier and more high-tect than its rival, Vios.While the Honda City comes standard with a 1.5 liter inline-4, the Vios has two engine options, a 1.3 and a 1.5. The City’s 1.5 inline-4 can make 118 horsepower whereas the Toyota’s 1.5 on the other hand only makes 106 horsepower whilst the 1.3 makes around 85. Thus, it is clear that the City is indeed much more powerful than the Vios.Additionally, you could check more details about two models in Honda City vs Toyota Vios Comparison. And about you, do you agree with the assessment?