In general, Toyota Yaris and Toyota Vios are virtually the same car, but they still have their own distinctive features. Thus, below comes the comparison in terms of specs for which is better.Being a hatchback, the Yaris has a shorter wheelbase than the Vios. So when it comes to cargo space, the Yariss storage area can fit a decent amount of cargo, especially with the foldable rear seats. The Vios trunk though is cavernous, able to load 478 liters of cargo.As regards interior, the Yaris and the Vios shares the same features from dashboard, steering wheel to seats. The two models could also offer spacious legroom and headroom. A key difference is that the Yaris owns suede-like seats and synthetic leather on some parts of the doors while the Vios still has faux leather covering the steering wheel and the dash.In terms of engine, the Vios Prime and the Yaris S are very similar, generating the same amount of power and torque as well as maximum fuel capacity. Even as to safety features, both two models have most things in common. Nonetheless, some outstanding characteristics such as lane departure warning system and automatic emergency braking make the Yaris 2019 more competitive in its segment.In comparison, the Toyota Yaris is without a doubt a premium hatchback, fitter to the young professionals in the city. To gain more comprehensive info, check out the comparison Toyota Vios vs Toyota Yaris!